IrKYS-6 "Keystone" SecurityMech

Security IndustrialMech


IrKYS-6 “Keystone” SecurityMech (25 tons)

Equipment Rating : D/X/D

Chassis : Irian Peacekeeper Chassis

Power Plant : Irian Hybrid 100 Fuel Cell
Cruise Speed : 43.2 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.8 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : -

Armor : Starshield Heavy Industrial (Armor Factor 80) : 5.0 tons
Head – 3/6
Center Torso – 8/10
Rear – 6
Right Torso – 6/8
Rear – 4
Left Torso – 6/8
Rear – 4
Right Arm – 4/7
Left Arm – 4/7
Right Leg – 6/10
Left Leg – 6/10

Armament :
One (1) Irian Weapons Works Class 2 SRM Launcher (LA)
Ammo (SRM) – 50 (LA)
Two (2) Irian Light Autogun MGs (RA)
Ammo (MG) – 200 (RA)
Two (2) Searchlights (RT, LT)

Manufacturer : Coventry Metal Works (SecurityMech Division), Coventry (Lyran Commonwealth).
Communications System : Irian TelStar
Targeting & Tracking System : Wasat Aggressor

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : n : n : n : 90 : 7 : 28 : 7 : 8 : +1 : n : y


Description : IrKYS-6 is an older line of IndustrialMechs produced by Irian Technologies, Unlimited on Shiro III, which were designed exclusively for their own security duty. Known as the “Poor Man’s BattleMech”, SecurityMechs (also referred to as “RiotMechs” or “PoliceMechs”) are a rare animal. Many organizations seeking BattleMech level protection are willing to spend the extra for a “real” Mech; usually more out of tradition and for legal reasons than reality and cost. Often considered ungainly and over-powered for urban security work, they remain rare except among heavy industrial corporations seeking to turn their own plants surplus production into something useful in the civilian markets. Limited in size and armaments, they have filled a niche market in corporate security work even today, and ensure local security forces are not powerful enough to contemplate military campaigns and operations.

The Keystone was designed using many of the electronic components produced for the now defunct Hermes-Class BattleMech. By lacking many BattleMech features and sharing parts, the Keystone is half the cost of a Hermes. They’re primarily used by civilian law enforcement, private security agencies, nobles, and corporations in and near the Andurien borders and the Victoria Commonality of House Liao.

Capabilities : By interstellar law, few SecurityMechs can exceed 35 tons in mass, making the Keystone around the middle-range of the class. Originally commissioned in 2865 as a means to employ the abandoned Hermes-1A production line, the vehicle employed many of its electronic and actuator components as a cost-saving measure.

The Keystone makes use of an IndustrialMech chassis, powered by a fuel cell engine for a modest ground speed, rather than the smaller, reliable fusion engine. Again, designed as a cost-saving measure, the electric engine limits armaments to lighter weapons, that while useful in a riot situation, makes it under-gunned when matched against a Mech (such as a Panther) of the same class and weight. The vehicle also lacks a full environmental sealing outside the cockpit, suggesting pilots to employ re-breathers and other safety gear when deploying tear gas.

The Keystone is armed with an SRM-2 Launcher in its left arm with ton of ammunition, which is typically loaded with tear gas ammunition. In its right arm, the ’Mech mounts two Machine Guns with one ton of ammunition. They most often use a variation of ammunition, employing rubber bullets in riot situations.

Variants : Though rare, commercial-grade SecurityMechs come in broad varieties across known space and in various, often House-based designs. The Ceres Metals’ 15-ton GS-54 “Guard” – a quadrupedal design armed with paired MGs for riot control on many high population Capellan worlds. Also popular, is the 30-ton CCU-36 “Pacifier” built by Alshain Weapons for Combine-based civilian authorities, and the ultra-heavy 35-ton ITW-80 “Inquisitor”, created by Irian Technologies to replace the Keystone for exclusive use in all IrTech facilities in the FWL.

IrKYS-6 "Keystone" SecurityMech

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