* Iron Dingoes Guards "The Lantern Corps"

Planetary Regular Armed Forces of the Iron Dingoes on Gollere


“Iron Dingoes Guards” (2 Battalions) / Green / Questionable“The Lantern Corps”.

The Iron Dingoes Guards are a multi-battalion force of mechanized infantry and “fast cavalry” who are largely recruited from the population of the capital of Tharn, and who are considered more loyal to the Iron Dingoes themselves, than the planet on which they are stationed. The force includes at least one off-world infantry battalion from the Iron Dingoes private forces as a support unit, who trains with the Guards and supports their efforts on-planet. The entire unit is led by Major William “Blaze” Blazkowicz.

The main members of the Iron Dingoes Guards are secondary-educated men and women who are trained to provide a degree of law enforcement somewhere between ordinary police and soldiers. They emphasize classroom education in sensitivity training to help in reducing the effects of the previous Tharn Republican Guards. Though they are meant to protect civilians, there is no doubt that they can be used to enforce military law when required by the Duke of Tharn.

Experience in other planetary Iron Dingoes (or their allied) military formations (such as the * Tharn Iron Legions) is considered a requirement before applying to this unit, though when initially formed, its original recruitment requirements were far more liberal, allowing some civilians (mostly women) with little experience to apply and undergo training in the force. This is no longer the case. Also, individuals interested in joining the Iron Dingoes off-world military formations, must complete a tour of duty in the Iron Dingoes Guards, before examination and potential promotion.

Carefully vetted, the unit was slowly built over a year of careful recruitment and training, and represents the most forward-thinking personnel of the planet’s own population.


Iron Dingoes Guards Infantry


The troopers of the Iron Dingoes Guards are equipped with Iron Legion “Colonial” Infantry Field Kits, but their combat armor follows the standard Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023), which was supplied from the Iron Dingoes own armory reserves, rather than the less-capable suits provided by * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions. In all other respects, they are equipped similarly to other on-planet militia forces. They were also equipped with RC-SH01 “Bulwark” Ballistic Riot Shields and Stun Batons, in their role as an urban police force, though this gear is generally kept in their Amalek’s or their barracks until required.

The main two battalions often call themselves the “Tharn Lantern Corps”, in reference to the capital’s unofficial city name; “Lantern City”, in reference to its constant electrical lights, which burn 24-hours a day across the city.

There are two battalions of the Iron Dingoes Guards, each consisting of three (3) companies of basic Mechanized Infantry equipped with imported Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs, which commonly deploy as independent squads across the capital. A further “Fast Cavalry” company equipped with Jackrabbit Military Motorcycles is also deployed in each battalion, though these forces operate as roving patrols of two troopers each, and are generally the most commonly encountered force of the Guards on-planet, as they are the chosen troops to respond to calls for assistance and can quickly relocate themselves as required.

The Iron Dingoes Guards also provide the bulk of defensive forces for the capital of Tharn itself, as well as * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions, and the government buildings for both the nation of Tharn, and those operated by the Mangai, though that latter complex also has many private House troops present from across the Mangai’s membership. At least one company of these troops is present at both the Manticora and the government facilities at any given time.

When other off-world units are attached to the Iron Dingoes Guards for training and support purposes, they temporarily wear the Guards patch of a stylized black “dingo” head as a removable arm-band, and take their orders directly from the Guard’s own command staff. Generally, they supply guards to the planet’s Mangai government buildings, as well as a supplementary force to the starport’s own security forces.

In addition, the unit was assigned a lance of heavy tanks, crewed by loyal Shadow Recruits imported from System – Dumassas. This force is based from the starport, where it guards a small military facility capable of housing a lance each of armor and BattleMechs, as well as a company of infantry, and was considered the first step in establishing a hardened military force to defend Iron Dingoes interests at the starport.

Security Armor Group

One (1) Demolisher Heavy Tank (Green)
One (1) Scorpion Light Tank (Green)
Two (2) Merkava Mk. VIII Heavy Tank (2 Green)

Typical (Mechanized) Guards Battalion

Command/Headquarters (Mechanized) Guards Platoon
Six (6) Springer Light Utility Vehicles
Twenty-Four (24) Light Utility Transports
Six (6) Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs
Two (2) Command/Admin Squads
Two (2) Paramedic Squads
Two (2) Signals/Logistics Squads

1st (Mechanized) Guards Infantry Company
Four (4) Springer Light Utility Vehicles
Six (6) Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads

2nd (Mechanized) Guards Infantry Company
Four (4) Springer Light Utility Vehicles
Six (6) Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads

3rd (Mechanized) Guards Infantry Company
Four (4) Springer Light Utility Vehicles
Six (6) Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads

4th (Mechanized) Guards Fast Cavalry Company
Eighty-Four (84) Jackrabbit Military Motorcycles
Twelve (12) Guards Cavalry Squads



Tharn Lantern Corps Unit Patch

In roughly 3022, the Mangai of System – Gollere came under the control of its own bureaucracy, as it increasingly began to increase quotas and taxation in response to “…faltering off-world trade…”. It is believed, however, that the origin of these changes, was the increasing control of REAPER, as it slowly wormed its way into power among the Mangai.

As a response to this increasing despotism by the bureaucracy, it created its own defensive force, demobilizing Tharn’s capital police force, and recreating them as the Tharn Republican Guard. This force took control over protecting and policing both the capital and the government buildings within, as well as the persons of the Mangai’s bureaucracy.

Over the next few years, the unit was equipped with the best weapons and armor they could make locally, and was further equipped with Jackrabbit Military Motorcycles and imported Amalek-Class Wheeled APCs, making it the best-equipped and most capable military force on the planet. With this control, and increasing restrictions on other off-world imports and exports, they quickly began to gain a foul reputation among the local citizens.

In early-3026, when * “The Iron Dingoes” established their control over the nation, and began instituting military renovations to both the infantry’s tactics and its equipment, it became apparent the troopers of the Tharn Republican Guard would be a difficult matter to resolve. In response, the entire unit was officially dissolved in late-March, 3026, and its equipment absorbed into the Iron Dingoes own logistics.

In response, a new military force was established, called the Iron Dingoes Guards, and consisted, at least initially of many of its own “House” troops imported from their landholds in System – Dumassas. The 3rd (Guards) Rifle Infantry Battalion “The Jungle Cats”, originally brought to bolster the unit’s defenses while stationed at the starport, were the first such unit to assume the local mantle, but other infantry battalions and even armored units have been brought in from time-to-time, to allow familiarization among local military forces with their front-line Iron Dingoes infantry and other combined arms forces.

During this time (roughly May-June, 3026), the first core membership of the Iron Dingoes Guards were recruited, using their new standards of equipment and tactics, as well as hiring women into the regular ranks of its forces, as its standards. The core of its officers came from other, long-established units within the Iron Dingoes own organization. Many of the local women attracted to a military life were among the first to sign-up, as were some of the former members of the Tharn Republican Guard, along with many third-sons with no chance to inherit lands or titles.

Upon initial reorganization, the unit filtered out its older equipment, and established the Iron Legion “Colonial” Infantry Field Kit as its basic combat field kit, though they were initially granted combat armor from the Iron Dingoes own reserves, rather than await the development of * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions’s own improved combat armor. Once the unit began accepting this newer equipment, it also began training as a paramilitary police force, and began improved education regarding its understanding of off-world technology, as well as a necessary sensitivity training.

In late-3027, the unit was assigned a lance of salvaged heavy armor based from the starport barracks, and crewed by loyal crews from the Iron Dingoes own Shadow Recruit program.

* Iron Dingoes Guards "The Lantern Corps"

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