Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3017)

Former Infantry Field Kit of the Iron Dingoes


Iron Dingoes defensive strategy is based on the “Boots on the Ground” ideology of small groups of armed infantry; traditionally local forces and civilians armed with basic automatic rifles and anti-armor/anti-Mech rocket launchers backed by MGs deployed in static defensive positions. The most basic of defenses, these forces consist of ballistic infantry with support weapons intended to protect important positions on-planet, but are given good training and usually backed by some form of armor or light BattleMechs to provide a close-in “punch”.

The Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3017) was an integral part of the early deployment of the Iron Dingoes infantry, though they have long since been abandoned for the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023), and are often given away to less fortunate Periphery allies and the unit’s dependents.

Many of these sets were acquired through open market channels, where the suits were originally intended for civilian use, but had been militarized for riot duty and acquired through salvage rights by the Iron Dingoes quarter-masters on System – Dunkelheim at the conclusion of their Contract – “Operation : Overlord”. About half are older-style Taurian Concordat combat armor, found in a cache near the Periphery border, along with common BM-118 Assault Rifles. Replacement parts are easily purchased through vendors serving the same criteria only on major industrial Periphery worlds.

Equipment Rating : C-B-C
BAR : BDU : 3/4/4/3, Helmet : 4/5/5/4
Cost/Patch : BDU : 450/10, Helmet : 500/-
AFF : Iron Dingoes
Mass : BDU : 5.0 kg, Helmet : 1.5 kg
Coverage : Head, Torso, Arms, Legs

Notes : Military Comm (10 kms), Night Vision and Rangefinders; Requires HC Micro Pack (1 PPH); -1 to Perception Rolls; AV 7 vs. Flash, BAR 5 vs inhaled toxins/poisons. Filters must be replaced every 72 hours of use.

The above statistics are for the main armor coverage. Boots and gloves used in this kit are civilian models designed in a military fashion. Although they are included in the suit as a whole, they have their own stats.

Equipment Rating : B/A/A
BAR : Boots : 2/3/3/1, Gloves : 1/1/1/1
Cost/Patch : 100/10
AFF : Any
Mass : 1.7 kg
Coverage : Feet, Hands

In addition to the CLM-AV “Clamshell” Helmet and GLT-3 “Gladiator” Body Armor, each trooper was issued with a small detachable backpack, modular bedroll, survival blanket, compass, electric lantern, utensils, collapsible cup, 10m of nylon cord, ground cloth, personal medkit, and a combat knife. In addition, the suits employ a filter mask of fairly standard manufacture, to filter air and provide protection against standard battlefield contaminants and lighter irritants. Each trooper was also given a complete “Winter Camo” snow suit, for deployment in cold weather environments.

Armaments issued include the standard BM-118 Assault Rifles or HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles, though troopers often acquire their own additional side arms and other personal weapons, such as simple shotguns or other long-arms. At the squad level, several light RPG-7H Launchers are deployed, giving their infantry squads an unexpected punch at close-range.

When employed in a tactical situation against vehicles and BattleMechs, the unit in possession of this field kit is considered to have the following tactical stats at the platoon/squad level.

Tech Base (Rating) : Inner Sphere (B-B-B)
Transport Weight : 3 tons
Equipment :
Primary Weapon : 24 HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles
Secondary Weapon : 4 RPG-7H Launchers
Armor : Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3017)
Battle Value : 72

Platoon Type (Specialty) : Foot Infantry (None)
Ground MP : 1
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) : 28 (7/4)
Armor Divisor : 1
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes) : -2(0), 0(1), +2(2), +4(3-4)
Maximum Weapon Damage (# of Troopers) : 10(28), 9(27-26), 8(25-23), 5(22-18), 4(17-15), 3(14-12), 2(11-7), 1(6-2), 0(1)


Battle Dress Uniform : The battle dress uniform (BDU) of the Iron Dingoes “Militia” is very traditional in its deployment, consisting of a standard olive bodysuit, with white, forest and urban cloth shells available to provide basic stealth. The fabric is a typical nylon/plant fiber weave, that is considerably durable for field wear, and easily laundered. Each suit possesses numerous integral leg and arm pouches, as well as hooks along the waist to facilitate weapons clips and other equipment.

Additionally, many militia troopers have begun wearing a long, brown durable trench coat of civilian manufacture, employed to keep the elements off the combat suit itself. This long trench coat (known as a “longcoat”) is often (jokingly) referred to as the infantry “Dress Uniform”.

CLM-AV “Clamshell” Helmet : A far more “traditional” helmet than used in the Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kit, the “Clamshell” is still very capable and provides its wearer with numerous enhancements powered through an integral rechargeable micro battery pack. In addition to its military-rated communications system (10 kms range), it enhances night-vision and has an internal rangefinder to assist in spotting efforts. The visor provides basic flash resistance against bright lights and explosions. It also bears an integral filter mask that provides limited filter abilities to air-borne toxins and gases.

GLT-3 “Gladiator” Body Armor : The “Gladiator” body armor is a series of articulated ballistic plastic scales that grant good coverage of vital areas of the torso and limbs. Originally designed to protect planetary police forces from casual mob violence, it was granted additional protection when militarized. The suit’s torso is further covered in a thick sheath of ballistic plastic that snaps into place with nylon straps, and provides very good protection of the core area. It’s general weight is actually fairly respectable considering its origins as a Periphery product.

Variants :

The infantry in Dingoes service emploed very few variations from this basic field kit. When equipped with jeeps and light utility transports, the unit is considered “Motorized”, and gains several basic changes to their unit formation; Platoon Type (Specialty) : Motorized Infantry (None), and Ground Movement : 3 MP, while its transport weight changes to Transport Weight : 6 tons. Additional weight allowances must be given for the units assigned vehicles.

Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3017)

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