Iron Dingoes "Dependent" Infantry Field Kit

Standard BDU of the Iron Dingoes Dependents


Originally procured by the Iron Dingoes to give their field technicians better protection, the “Dependent” Field Kit is an older, surplus Taurian Concordat standard armor kit. This kit has largely been supplanted by the superior Iron Dingoes “Militia” Field Kit in general Iron Dingoes service. The kit is often found in civilian Dependent’s hands.

Equipment Rating : C-B-B
BAR : BDU : 2/3/3/3, Helmet : 3/5/5/3, Boots : 2/3/3/1, Gloves : 2/2/2/2
Cost/Patch : BDU : 50/5, Helmet : 310/-, Boots : 50/10, Gloves : 60/-
AFF : Iron Dingoes, Taurian Concordat
Mass : BDU : 3 kg, Helmet : 1 kg, Boots : 1.2 kg, Gloves : 0.5 kg
Coverage : Head, Torso, Arms, Legs, Hands

Notes : Military Comm (10 kms), -1 to Perception; AV 7 vs. Flash.


Procured through The District of Garcias own surplus markets, the BDUs were originally intended for the Guardia Civilia – Garcia armories, but were sold-off when the unit was down-sized. They have traditional Dingoes coloration and badges, and are a significant boost from the previous equipment in use. The techs assigned this equipment were the salvage crews, Line technicians and anyone else who works with the potential for engaging an enemy in their duties.

The “Dependent Field Kits” are also typically assigned BM-118 Assault Rifles (largely replaced by the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle ), but personnel often equip themselves with SMGs, shotguns, and handguns acquired through battlefield salvage. Shovels and crowbars were a common melee weapon in use by these troops, but are often replaced with Engineer’s Tools. Each standard kit also included a heavy-duty portable light, a basic technician’s tool kit, and a heavy duty pack, though in civilian hands, these items don’t typically exist, unless the individual is involved in * “The Dingo Pack” as an AsTech.

Additionally, each kit includes a formal SLDF-era uniform, kept in their quarters for deployment during important unit events. Each is an olive drab infantry and technical dress uniform, complete with gloves, high boots and cap. The sewn star of the SLDF is covered by the simple, but prominently placed Iron Dingoes unit patch over the left breast. Furthermore, each tech has been supplied with a cold-weather suit for deployment in arctic conditions, in a white and green camo coloration.

Iron Dingoes "Dependent" Infantry Field Kit

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