Jackrabbit Military Motorcycle

Armored Military All-Terrain Motorcycle


“Jackrabbit” Military Motorcycle (Wheeled)

Power Plant : Sunshine Turbo (ICE) – (Range : 962 kms)
Cruise Speed : 162.0 kph (10)
Flank Speed : 243.0 kph (15)

Armor : Sunray Light (BAR 10) : 0 kgs
Front – 1
Right Side – 1
Left Side – 1
Rear – 1
Turret – None

Armament : None
Crew : 1
Cargo : 25 kgs (Standard)

Equipment :
Chassis : 275 kgs
Motive System : Ground – 10/15, Jump – 0
Armor Value : 1+1 (Pilot)

Manufacturer : Sunshine Motors of Gollere.

Notes : Armored; Bicycle; Off-Road; Integral GPS.
Cost : 12,000 Cs



Overview : Another recent development of Sunshine Motors, the “Jackrabbit” serves the motorized battalions of the * Duchy of Tharn as a highly capable combat motorcycle. It remains popular among their cavalry formations, but sees very little deployment outside Tharn Republican Guard militia forces at this time.

Capabilites : The Jackrabbit is fairly ubiquitous as a military combat motorcycle goes, but represents a definite change in manufacturing capabilities among the industrialists of Gollere. Designed as a replacement to early steam-powered motorcycles that were heavy and unwieldy, their introduction only a few years ago has revolutionized industrial thought on the planet.

Its off-road capability combined with its superior ceramic suspension and lighter transmission results in the bike being easily deployed by its own pilot, and nimble enough to travel almost anywhere even a horse cannot go. Among the more recent developments on Gollere, this design has captured many planetary military analysts interests.

Deployment : The Jackrabbit is deployed almost exclusively among the Tharn Republican Guard, and has largely replaced horses in its own cavalry formations. Their rugged nature, ease of maintenance, and speed have made them extremely popular in these forces, and remains their exclusive property.

Variants : There are no known production models of the Jackrabbit.


Sunshine Motors (Heavy Industry – Automobiles) : Formerly known as O’Niel Motors, this factory complex on System – Gollere that produces urban and off-road passenger cars, light cargo, as well as, haulage construction and off-road trucks and buses. All models are unlicensed derivations of foreign car designs. Vehicles are generally for civilian and commercial use, as senior Mangai officials mostly favour foreign imports.

Sunshine Motors also produces the ATV known as the Springer Light Utility Vehicle, a light 5-ton cargo jeep employed by select civilian and military organizations alike, as well as the ’’Jackrabbit", a popular military-grade motorcycle. Its cargo vehicles are fairly straight-forward Light Utility Transport production models matching Davion designs.

Jackrabbit Military Motorcycle

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