Jackrabbit Hover Cycle

Civilian Hoverbike from CandleMotors of Claybrroke


“Jackrabbit” Hoverbike

Chassis Type : Hover (Small)
Mass : 500 kgs
Equipment Rating : D-X-B

Engine/Trans : Electric (Fuel Cell)
Cruise MP : 12
Flank MP : 18
Heat Sinks : -
Fuel : 509 kms
Armor Factor : (BAR 2) (4)
Front – 1
Right Side – 1
Left Side – 1
Rear – 1
Turret – None

Weapons and Ammo : None

Crew : 1
Cargo : 34 kgs standard

Notes : Features Bicycle Chassis and Control modification, One hand searchlight (5kgs Front).


Manufactured by CandleMotors of Claybrooke, FWL, the Jackrabbit Hoverbike is loosely based on a military design (the “O-bake-mono” of House Kurita). Not requiring armor or weapons of a Skimmer, it trades off the fusion engine for a lighter electric battery system, making it cheaper and more reliable.

At inception, the design was meant to market to the individualist frontiersman. Popular tri-vid publicity on Claybrroke, quickly converted it into a “must have” item for teenagers across the planet, and it became one of the company’s best sellers. Although this spread to nearby worlds to a limited degree, the Jackrabbit has remained a staple of planetary company sales for nearly a century, with only cosmetic changes to its chassis and optional electronics packages.

As a luxury item, the vehicle remained popular, and even essential for isolated farms and ranchers in the Black Hills. It became vary popular among many of the troopers serving in Captain Fionna’s “Snow Dusters”, and was easily procured through purely legal means. Its simplicity and ruggedness have allowed it be maintained with little expense and is an essential part of the Iron Dingoes Force Recon mission specifications.

Jackrabbit Hover Cycle

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