Jump Pack

The ultimate form of infantry movement.


The Jump Pack is a rare item of infantry equipment usually reserved for elite or special forces elements of a unit’s military. The equipment can be expensive and furthermore difficult to learn, requiring extensive training and practice to employ properly.

The Jump Pack is capable of being used in either the “sustained flight” or executing a single jump. Both require Acrobatics/Free-Fall Skill to use, but flight mode requires a skill check for take-off and landing and allows only a single hexside facing change to execute effectively. Both modes carry the operator as high as 20m for purposes of identifying targets and obstacles they might overcome.

Equipment Rating : D-C-D
Cost : 3100 Cs
AFF : -
Mass : 30 kg

Notes : Encumbering; 1000 Fuel-Points; 2 Points burned per 1m of flight; Max Flight = 150m per turn; Jump Mode – 150m max flight per turn (5 Fuel per Jump). Acrobatics/Free-Fall Skill to launch, land and jump.


A Jump Pack’s controls and read-outs are built into the portion of the unit circling the user at chest level. Also built into the standard pack is a transceiver and a small three-round rocket launcher employed with pack dyes to mark targets or personnel. The wearer aims the rockets using the orange reticule sighting on the helmet’s face plate.

The unit is deployed across the Inner Sphere, but rarely seen in the Periphery and among Militia forces of the Houses, due to cost, training requirements limit in its deployment.

Jump Pack

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