Karnov UR Transport

Light Transport VTOL


Karnov UR Transport (30 tons)

Power Plant : DAV 190 ICE
Cruise Speed : 119.0 kph (11)
Flank Speed : 184.4 kph (17)

Armor : StarSlab/1.5 (Armor Factor 24) : 1.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 5
Left Side – 5
Rear – 6
Rotor – 2

Armament :
Cargo (6 tons) – (Body)

Manufacturer : New Earth Trading Company of Terra, Terra (ComStar)

Communications System : Johnston Q-Rotor
Targeting & Tracking System : None

Notes : Cost = 550,000 Cs. Range – 2400 kms.


Overview : The Karnov is considered a heavy lift VTOL, though no one knows the date of its first deployment. The Karnov is sold by NETC, and has sold the vehicles for the past century without disclosing its factory or supply source, though it is believed to be on Terra.

The Karnov has proven a hardy and reliable workhorse, whatever its origins. It is not uncommon to find several in service to both military and corporate concerns on nearly every planet in the Inner Sphere. It is equally versatile as both a cargo carrier and a flying crane.

Capabilities : The central wing spar and struts are built around the DAV 190 ICE aircraft turbine engine, known for its reliability and ruggedness. The DAV connects by drive shafts that extend down the wing pylons to two drive assemblies. The pylons are capable of a ninty-degree tilt, which allows the Karnov UR horizontal speeds of over 180 kph. The speed comes with a cost, however; the blades are so large, they must be rotated to a vertical position upon landing or they will strike the ground. Many new pilots that forget this fact, often end their career in a spectacular crash and the wreckage of their valuable machine.

The Karnov also mounts a variable landing gear; when at full extension, it can straddle a load 3.3m tall. When completely collapsed, the interior cargo bay ramp can be fully extended and allow cargo loading and unloading. The StarSlab armor is specifically forged for the Karnov’s frame, giving it decent protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. Many Karnovs, however, are seen crashed on battlefields intact, but for their large, easily targeted rotor assemblies…

Deployment : Because of its role as a transport vehicle (though armored for fast battlefield insertions and fitted with independent cargo handling features common to military transports), the Karnov is not designed for frontline deployment and cargo duties. It is slow if laden with slung cargo, and lacks real defensive weapons or proper armor. Also, with its vulnerable rotors, the vehicle tends to be a sitting duck for any decently armed unit that encounters it. Despite these failings, however, it is commonly used by mercenary forces and certain “kamikaze” combat logistics groups, who are beginning to make a name for themselves.

Variants : NETC does not offer variants for sale, and the basic design of the vehicle has not changed during the 120 years of its deployment. A common “field” variant is to add two Sperry-Browning MGs in each arc and convert it to an anti-infantry gunship. Sometimes, a single forward-facing autocannon is placed along one side, though this variation remains rare.

A rare version mounts sound baffles on its rotors and engine nacelles, creating an ultra-quiet stealth version. This variant is popular with special forces commands such as DEST or Loki.

Karnov UR Transport

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