Komodo KAR-43 Rifle

Bolt-Action Komodo Assault Rifle


The Komodo KAR-43 is a standard caliber, semi-automatic rifle developed by Komodo Armaments of System – Gollere. Based largely on the earlier Tulip M2981 designed by Central Tharn Munitions for the planetary militia, this version incorporates a short-stroke piston gas system, and has the potential for innovative mass-production techniques.

Equipment Rating : A-A-A
AP/BD : 4B/4
Range : 40/115/225/500
Shots : 10
Cost/Reload : 60/2 Cs
AFF : Komodo Armaments, System – Gollere.
Mass/Reload : 4.0kgs/120g

Notes : Jams on a Fumble.



A relatively new production weapon, designed to compete with the Tulip M2981 as the primary weapon system of the planet’s military forces, the Komodo line of production weapons is showing great promise. Presented in 3024, the weapon has proven popular among many of the resource colonies of Gollere, but has not managed to gain the core market of sales to the * Duchy of Tharn military, despite its superior capabilities.

The KAR-43 is distributed with an integral scope-mounting rail, though such a scope must be acquired separately. They are popular, however, among many sniper groups for this feature.


Komodo Armaments is a sub-division of the Gollere Mining and Development Trading Corporation, The company is new, but shows a great deal of promise regarding advanced (for Gollere ) weapons systems, including the Sunfire Infantry Support Gun deployed with the Springer Light Utility Vehicle. It possesses the primary monopoly over off-world export of munitions for the Mangai.

With the development of a production line for the HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle on-planet in 3027, the demands for the KAR-43 evaporated, save for a passing interest by buyers in System – Pa’an, though the sheer quantity of cheap Tulip M2981s available on the market makes any other development foolish.

The company has halted production of this weapon, and now concentrates almost solely on development of more advanced “machine guns” and seems to be developing something more robust as a combat gun as a replacement. They still, however, produce the munitions required for most small arms across the planet, and make a fair sum selling these both domestically and into System – Pa’an and other nearby systems.

Komodo KAR-43 Rifle

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