KY2-D-02 Kyudo

Primary Fire-Support Mech


KY2-D-02 Kyudo (45 tons)

Chassis : Chariot Type E

Power Plant : VOX 225
Cruise Speed : 54.6 kph (5)
Flank Speed : 86.9 kph (8)
Jump Jets : none
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Armorscale Ferro-Fibrous with CASE (Armor Factor 143) : 8.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 14/22
Rear – 6
Right Torso – 11/16
Rear – 5
Left Torso – 11/16
Rear – 5
Right Arm – 7/14
Left Arm – 7/14
Right Leg – 11/18
Left Leg – 11/18

Armament :
One (1) Sorenstein Extended Large Laser (RA)
One (1) Conan/20 LRM-20 (LA)
Ammo (LRM) : 12 (LT)
One (1) Artemis IV/FCS (LA)

Communications System : Dalban Comline
Targeting & Tracking System : Standus 3 with Artemis IV FCS

Notes : Mech is equipped with ten (10) Double-Heat Sinks.

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/3 : y : n : y : 90 : 6 : 19 : 5 : 9 : +10 : n : n


Overview : Martinson Armaments, one of the members of the Hegemony’s original BattleMech consortium, unveiled their first Mech design in 2443. Lighter, faster and (most significantly) cheaper than the lumbering MSK-9H Mackie, the KY2-D-01 Kyudo was designed to play a support role alongside better armed and armored Mechs and assault tanks.

Rapid advances in technology soon leapfrogged early designs, and the Kyudo was relegated to second-echelon duties before the Reunification War. In 2621, Martinson upgraded the Mech, but in the post-war era their new Kyudo faced stiff competition. Martinson Armaments was destroyed in the opening days of the Amaris Coup, and their designs were thought lost to the Inner Sphere.

Capabilities : The rugged Conan/20 LRM launcher makes the Kyudo well suited to its primary fire-support role. Though the single Sorenstein extended-range large laser employed as a secondary weapon has brought criticism that the Mech is under-armed, in practice, the Mech can hold its own against Mechs within its weight class.

Martinson had to deliver the Kyudo’s systems almost from scratch since the company had limited access to the Mackie’s blueprints. When upgrading the design in 2621, the many of these systems were discarded in favor of more recent off-the-shelf components, including the very newly developed extended-range laser. One element that was retained was the Kyudo’s unique suspension and leg actuator layout. Spreading the ground pressure more efficiently, the system made the Mech capable of negotiating soft terrain. A drawback to their efforts, was that the actuators were more vulnerable than those of other Mechs, especially to infantry attacks.

Deployment : Deployed to support the Mackie and other early Hegemony designs, the Kyudo was superceded by more advanced BattleMechs. Nevertheless, it remained in limited service with the Hegemony Armed Forces during the Reunification War. Unfortunately, SLDF spending cutbacks in the war’s aftermath limited sales of the upgraded Kyudo. By the time Johnathon Cameron became First Lord and launched an ambitious re-armament program in the late twenty-seventh century, the Kyudo was again an “old” design, and the SLDF passed it over in favor of newer offerings from other manufacturers.

The old Irian plant on Shiro III is converted to a maintenance facility, providing bulk parts to other Mech lines, and Anduien’s old plant on Lopez is now an extended maintenance facility. The Mech is considered a “lost” design.

Variants : The KY2-D-01 Kyudo mounts a 220-rated engine and less efficient myomer musculature that gives it a top speed of only 64kph. It lacks teh sophisticated Artemis IV FCS, and is armed with the smaller Conan/10 missile launcher. Without CASE and Ferro-Fibrous Armor, the KY2-D-01 is less protected, even though it carries nearly ten tons of primitive armor. Like other designs of its era, the KY2-D-01 mounts single-efficiency heat sinks – twelve in this case, providing just enough to handle the heat from its missile launchers and single standard large laser.

KY2-D-02 Kyudo

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