* Landhold : Izpek

Ancient Farming Village


Izpek Landhold

System Name : System – Dumassas
Location : The District of Garcia
Population : 650


Izpek (Pop 650 – Corn, Pork, Palm Oil) : The village was long a poor, agricultural backwater and consisted of several formerly abandoned farming plantations along the outskirts of town, while its single main street boasted a Banco Nacional de Sangria facility, and a new bar known as “The Corona”, that opened in 3023 by retiring infantry from * “The Iron Dingoes”. In late-3025, a small Solaro Oil Company refueling station opened to serve the local community and the increasing traffic through town. Izpek’s citizens travel to nearby Miguel for religious meetings and during festivals, and another 4-500 people live in the nearby rural area, but keep largely to themselves.

There was a small local school funded by ComStar, but this facility was closed by the Iron Dingoes, and students are now bused to Garrison for their basic and secondary education, with the old school having been torn down to make way for a new Dingo Brand Corporation outlet. The former local general store owners were hired to operate the facility, and paid quite well for their existing store and inventory. It is scheduled for completion in late-3026. The tiny general store previously operated in town, was rebuilt into a Whippet Transport Lines station, in late-3027.

The most important local site, however, is the nearby Hacienda la Cabana plantation, which formerly controlled the town’s economy and its palm oil fields to great personal fortune.


Hacienda la Cabana Mansion

While the palm oil plant itself is situated in the middle of the eastern village’s extensive orchards, the local manor is an old, run-down Davion administrative building. It sits south of the village, on the edge of the palm oil fields and surrounded by corn fields on each side of the approach road. Originally built during the Davion occupation following the Reunification Wars, it has definitely seen better days. A large, sprawling affair, it has multiple levels, with twenty (20) rooms on the first floor, and eight (8) bedrooms on the second. The third level is a large suite of rooms for the former Cabana clan. These latter chambers have been converted into the administrative offices for the Iron Dingoes occupation of the village.

Once more an administrative facility, the mansion has become the center of the local community, with a administration center in the upper level of the mansion that organizes land ownership, answering questions regarding Iron Dingoes matters, and distributing military rations & fresh water, as well as offering free medical care to registered citizens. Its attached technicians also provide maintenance services to those who apply, keeping the local handful of vehicles in operating trim. Most locally assigned troops and techs reside in Garrison, and commute each day, and the mansion’s second level holds space for a handful of duty personnel.

A simple metal garage in the mansion compound houses the treatment facilities and their generators, as well as the repair facility. Communications are through the local microwave tower network, and the local electrical network is controlled from here as well.

The following assets have been assigned to the community, all part of the FIDO organization:

Two (2) Light Utility Transports
One (1) Administration Squad (Reg)
One (1) General Tech Squad (Reg) – (w/ access to a Light Vehicle Bay ).
One (1) Paramedic Squad (Reg)
One (1) Fusion-Powered Waste Treatment Unit (500 people waste processing per day).
Three (3) Water Treatment Units, each w/ a 250-Rated Fusion Generator (Total – 3 tons of water each day).



Hacienda la Cabana Palm Oil Plant

A fairly simple process is involved in making red palm oil, a popular vegetable oil used primarily for cooking, but also providing a basis for soaps and as an industrial lubricant. The plant in Izpek has begun reconstruction and refurbishment, primarily concentrating on its boilers and rendering systems. Storage and waste disposal may be long-term problems, but the plant will begin production of its red palm oil base in the next few months, once renovation is complete, and local personnel have been re-trained for production.

As of June 1st. 3025, the plant was declared active, and presently operates under the aegis of the Dingo Brand Corporation for sale of its products, primarily a red cooking oil and a simple oil base in the form of blocks of vegetable fats. Later the next month, the 3025 Outworld Flu swept through the community, but the tireless work of the local FIDO team and proximity to * Landhold : Garrison ensured most of the victims survived.



Izpek Oil Palms

The old palm oil plant and its nearby orchards of palm oil trees had been largely abandoned for several decades. The plant saw occasional work, mostly through locals who freely harvested palm fruit from the extensive plantations that surrounded it, but it remained (technically) abandoned. The “Hacienda la Cabana Oil Company” was fairly once successful in producing cooking oils that have, in the past, proven to be popular in The Federative Republic of San Marcos. However, the owning family died-out, and left the facilities very much in dispute.

From 3023-34, population pressures and offers from the district’s provisional government granted refugees to settle in this formerly ignored village. In particular, the improvement of the roads to * Landhold : Garrison and Gaucho and rise of * “The Iron Dingoes” fortunes has increased interest in this village and its many vacant farmlands. Its proximity and direct provision for transport between Garrison and * Landhold : Miguel have given the village new life.

On September 5th, 3024, the landhold at Izpek was given (informally) to the Iron Dingoes as incentive to conduct a raid on the Tandanor naval yards in The Tragnar Confederation. It was ceded to the Iron Dingoes as another of their landholds on September 16th, 3024, during a private and simple ceremony, with very little outside notice of the transfer.

Within days, Iron DIngoes support staff moved into the old mansion and evicted the former “owner” of the village, Char Cabana, the domineering, pushy old man who ordered most people in the village around as if they were his slaves, which in previous times they were. He resisted, but was moved out to an abandoned farm cot on the edge of town with the remnants of his clan’s wealth and his old car, and left to his own devices. Due to the local town despising him, his future did not seem very bright. Runors persist he died alone and by himself, towards the end of the year. By September 18th, 3024, the Iron Dingoes had cleaned-out the local mansion and converted it into an administrative center, and made the community another potential jewel in their demesne crown.

With the start of 3025, the Iron Dingoes began investing in the local palm oil plant, rebuilding the plant into a more modern facility capable of mass production of red palm oil base for future efforts. The plant went active on June 1st, 3025. This infrastructure improvement brought a sudden wave of prosperity to the ancient village, employing a large number of local farmers in the industry.


In early-3026, * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences was funded and the site originally surveyed near Izpek was chosen as the location for the military college, partly due to its proximity to Garrison, and partly because of an availability of good land for present and future construction. The site is tucked away in the north-east corner of the landhold, and was completed in early-3027. The financial boost to local businesses and farmers cannot be stressed, and by late-3028, the community had nearly doubled in size, and problems associated with local unemployment was long a thing of memory.

Military Forces

While the local community has no direct military garrison, its proximity to * Landhold : Garrison virtually assures its independence. The fact there is nothing of real value present has long kept bandits from taking an interest in the community.

With the addition of the War Dogs College of Military Sciences, however, there will be a constant presence of trained military personnel in the area, outside of the locally assigned * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO) group, which will further persuade disinterest in the community by any criminal elements.

* Landhold : Izpek

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