* Lanseal Royal Military Academy

Officer's Training School of Gollere


The Lanseal Royal Military Academy is the only military academy in * Duchy of Tharn, and therefore in System – Gollere. The purpose of the academy is to prepare new officer cadets for service in the * Tharn Iron Legions. It is also very large, housing several facilities such as an R&D Building, the Drill Grounds, and also a swimming pool. It is also the headquarters of the Lanseal Cadets Battalion, a training force of student officers that can defend their grounds in need.

On March 5th, 3026, the facility came under the control of * “The Iron Dingoes”, when they asserted their influence over the local military forces of the * Tharn Iron Legions. Operations continue much as before, but the Iron Dingoes have hinted at reforms to the local military, and this will likely spill over into its officer’s training programs at the Academy as well.

The addition of a technical annex, the Lanseal Royal Technical College (LRTC) was planned for expansion of the national military and modernization of its technical understanding in mid-3026. The facility was scheduled to be operational by early-3028, and began graduating its first advanced studies personnel in 3030, most of whom immediately took service in the local military and industrial sectors, while a small few moved on to Dumassas and the industrial developments in Garrison.


Standing tall for more than 108 years, the Lanseal Royal Military Academy is also Gollere’s only official military academy. Records of the academy’s location show that it was not in fact built from scratch, but rather constructed around an existing old Star League citadel, and then adding new expansions like the training grounds and the residential buildings for students.

The academy uses a credit system, and on average, cadets can get through the program in approximately three years. There are two ways in: either get recruited by one of Lanseal Academy’s scouts, who visit schools across the country looking for gifted students, or apply directly. Everyone has to pass both a written and field test, but the bar is much stricter for those applicants who are non-scouted.

Because graduates are immediately promoted to lieutenant-rank in the army, the thought of having a Lanseal diploma is actually quite tempting for many who want to serve their country further. This also means that the age of cadets varies widely, with some in their late teens, others in their twenties, and some in their thirties.



Lanseal Academy Student Uniform


The facility is led by Headmaster Laurence Kluivert, a retired military officer and noted tactician. He has long stressed the traditional techniques of the national military, and is noted as an honorable man and a capable administrator. His professors are all former officers of the * Tharn Iron Legions, and still hold their ranks within the military.

The student body is divided into seven classes, naming from Class A to Class G. During combat, each class functions like a military platoon with the class chair as the lead officer, giving direct orders. The class chair, however, does not have the power to make important decisions but must request permission from their supervising professor who is an Army officer, in addition to a Lanseal staff member. Each class is given full access to the Academy armory, and is trained to be fully-trained in all weapons and equipment in the regular military forces.

The program established at Lanseal Academy includes higher education in Tactics, fortification theory, army organization, Navigation (Land), and languages including French, English, and Spanish. Marksmanship, weapons drill, riding and sports (namely soccer) are typical physical activities and there are complete courses in Strategy, military and planetary history, geography, philosophy, mathematics and basic physics. Its comprehensive classes are considered the pinnacle of education on the planet.


R&D Building

The R&D Building is located north of the Academy. Weapons, combat armor, and even tank parts can be developed and upgraded here. Tanks and other heavy equipment can also be repaired here. Variations on existing equipment can be updated here, though most of the work conducted is simply theoretical. The staff assigned to the R&D Building are technically employees of * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions, though they have positions within the Lanseal general staff. The facility now operates largely under the aegis of the Lanseal Royal Technical College (LRTC).


Lanseal Training Battalion Insignia

The Lanseal Training Battalion

The combined troopers of the Academy and their instructors technically act as the defense of the facility and its armory, and can be called to arms in times of national emergency. Amounting to seven (7) platoons of infantry/cavalry, they are well-trained considered Regular in status, and their morale is rather Questionable, but they use exceptional tactics and their weapons-systems are the pinnacle of modern technology on Gollere.

* Lanseal Royal Military Academy

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