Light Utility Transport

Standard Light Utility Transport Truck


Light Utility Truck – (6 tons)

Power Plant : Various 40 ICE
Cruise Speed : 76.2 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 120.0 kph (9)

Armor : Light Industrial (BAR 4 : 8) : 0.5 tons
Front – 2
Right Side – 2
Left Side – 2
Rear – 2
Turret – None

Armament : None
Cargo : 2.5 tons (Body)

Communications System : Various
Manufacturer : Various

Note : 25,000 Cs.



Overview : A mainstay of support units, utility trucks come in many varieties along the same theme – a large open cargo bed with a crew compartment mounted on a rugged chassis that can negotiate rough terrain. They have proven simple to manufacture and deploy, and are extremely widespread.

Capabilities : Versatile in the extreme, these vehicles are widely used in many different duties. Used for everything from cargo delivery to safely extricating live ammunition from recent battlefields, they are easily modified and adapted to any use.

Deployment : Though primarily designed as utility transports, some are employed in cross-country travel and exploration, these vehicles are extremely common and can be found throughout the Inner Sphere. Their production involves little enough light industry, and they can be produced by most planet’s industrial infrastructure.

Variants : There are few variants to the basic design and chassis of the light utility truck. Some, such as Periphery realms, might arm them with light anti-aircraft guns or long-range missile racks to beef-up planetary militias. These cheap additions to the armed forces of a planet are usually kept in garrison service, but due to their fragile nature, rarely survive the point of contact.



Renault “Envigado” Military Light Transport

Renault Sofasa “Envigado” : Introduced in 3020, the “Envigado” is a medium-duty truck popular in domestic commercial use, that was militarized by the local armed forces, and has since seen wide-spread use in all branches of its service, despite the civil uprisings during the 1000 Days War.

Fairly typical of light utility trucks, the Envigado serves its logistical purposes well, but only the military version does well in off-road conditions. Many readily accept a cupola-armed MG, but they are an adapted model, not designed specifically for the purpose. The Envigado is used widely across all service branches of The New Republic of Sangria and its allied nations of Buntar and San Isabel. It has also become the standard service truck for * “The Iron Dingoes”, in all its branches.



Sunshine Motors “Barnaby” Light Utility Truck

Sunshine Motors “Barnaby” : Developed and introduced in mid-3030, the oil-powered “Barnaby” is considered the most modern civilian transport on Gollere. Faster and far sturdier than the “Steamer” model, it was designed to replace that worthy model as the planet’s demands for more efficient motor vehicles rise.

Compared to the Steamer, the Barnaby handles far better on rough terrain, with reinforced axles and wheels, and its diesel engine is twice as powerful as the original steam engine, giving it better traction and a far superior hauling capacity and speed. The chief weakness of the vehicle, is its cramped driver’s cabin, which makes long-distance travel uncomfortable. The vehicle is slated to completely replace the trucks in use by the * Tharn Iron Legions over the next six years, and potentially replace its horse-drawn wagons after that.

Light Utility Transport

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