LM Meteor

SRM Munition


First introduced in 2370 by the Terran Hegemony, Short Range Missiles are direct-fire missiles that sacrifice range for hitting power. Adapted towards the profusion of electronic jamming on the battlefield and the effectiveness of current armor designs, these self-guided missiles are unique for using a special armor-piercing explosive warhead.

The development of a metal composite/high explosive mixture allowed for the warhead to be made entirely of high-explosive material; this same feature was later used to construct the missile’s frame as well. The result were warheads which had the same destructive capability as older warheads that were four times as long, allowing for more missiles to be carried and fired. SRMs are less sophisticated than Long Range Missiles and particularly effective against infantry and combat vehicles. SRMs are highly upgradable, able to fire a variety of warheads and benefit from devices such as the LosTech Artemis IV FCS.

Equipment Rating : C-C-C
AP/BD : 8X/12A
Range : 75/235/353/530
Shots : -
Cost/Reload : 300 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 10.0 kgs

Notes : -



The Meteor is a short-range radar-guided missiledeveloped by Lockheed-Martin, and used by every early BattleMech deployed at some point during the Succession Wars. The Meteor was originally designed to maintain the superiority of Terran Hegemony forces through advanced ramjet technologies. Built with an active radar terminal seeker and could receive mid-course updates from its launch vehicle using a one-way datalink.

The Meteor lasted in Hegemony stockpiles until the fall of the Star League, when existing reserves were exhausted. The weapon was quickly superseded by a number of other designs, such as the Saab-Saaker model. The munition is still produced as a limited production model in Armadyne Industries Armametall facility outside of The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport city limits.

LM Meteor

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