Heavy Industrial Exoskeleton

Heavy Industrial Exoskeleton


Similar to a stripped-down Mech, the Heavy Industrial Exoskeleton, or HIE is used mainly for lifting vehicle engines, loading Mech ammunition, and construction work. The LoadMaster Exoskeleton has proven to be an extremely popular and heavily exported model of the original design.

Equipment Rating : C-A-A
Cost/Reload : 60,000 Cs / 60 Cs
AFF : Inner Sphere
Mass/Reload : 150 kgs / -

Notes : Crew – 1. A Heavy Industrial Exoskeleton grants the wearer to ability to lift, push, or pull up to 2 tons. The user may not engage in unarmed combat or delicate work of any kind. They may only move at one-half their Walk speed (roughly 2kph).

Environmental Sealing is a modification that allows the Exoskeleton to operate in uncomfortable or dangerous environments. Such suits operate normally, but provides complete life support for the pilot for the 4-hour charge time of its internal batteries. This allows the machine to support limited operations in the same environments as a Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suit. Cost for this system to be installed on an existing Exoskeleton is 30,000 Cs, but they tend to restricted to heavily industrialized worlds.



Overview : The LoadMaster is an industrial Exoskeleton which was designed for heavy-lifting and cargo handling. Designed by General Motors of Kathil, the LoadMaster became popular with various commercial industries due to its significant lifting power. However, for the exoskeleton to achieve notable lifting abilities, its designs excluded use of any armor protection or significant speed.

Capabilities : The heavy exoskeleton is equipped with two Cargo Lifter manipulators, when used together can lift up to a total of two and a half tons. Aside from its lifters, the suit has been given a searchlight and cutting torch mounted on the body.

Internal batteries allow four and one-half hours of use under normal conditions, but constant deployment often degrades its use to half that before needing a recharge.

Deployment : Originally produced as the Caterpillar P-2400 Work Loader manufactured by Weyland Corp out of Terra, the present LoadMaster Exoskeleton was contracted and and has been produced by the Duchy of Andurien for several centuries, usually still under the Caterpillar brand. It has proven popular in many venues, even being exported into other Great Houses, though the HeavyHauler has proven more popular in Davion space, mostly due to nationalistic fervor. There is virtually no difference in operational parameters beyond the name, however.

The LoadMaster is known for its robust nature and though heavier, has still proven maneuverable and capable of doing the tasks for which it is intended. The LoadMaster (or its cousins) is popularly seen in every transfer station, spaceport, cargo ship and major loading dock across the Inner Sphere.

Variants : There are no known production variants, though sometimes individuals will place light armor plating on them to protect the pilot, and install environmental seals for its use on hostile planets. Though expensive, the chances of finding such protection is about the same as finding the exoskeletons.

Heavy Industrial Exoskeleton

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