HPG Coms Satellite "Lost Echo"

Star League LosTech Satellite


A light communications satellite produced by an unknown source.

Model number: HPG Sat “Lost Echo”
Unit type: HPG Communications Satellite
Weight Class: Light (28 tons)
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Unknown
First deployment: Unknown
Accommodation: None (Automated)
Dimensions: X m Long x X m Wide.
Cargo: None.
Armor materials: BAR 2.
Powerplant : Electric Solar Panels w/ Fusion back-up for maneuver jets.
Propulsion : Station-Keeping Thrust (0.1 Gs)
Equipment and design features: Mobile HPG and Communications Equipment (Orbital and HPG Relay) : 13 tons.
Fixed armaments: None.

Notes : Features simple Communications Gear (1 ton) capable of orbital contact with a properly equipped Mech or vehicle. Also possesses a Mobile HPG, allowing communication out-system to an unknown degree.


Deployment History : Recovered from a geo-stationary orbit in the System – Sligo, this satellite appears to be something of a disposable device used by the pirates known as “The Bloody Corsairs”. These pirates have displayed access to numerous advanced technologies, and this is obviously one of them.

Large as communications satellites go, this device allows a grounded unit in its hemisphere to send a message burst into orbit and relay that message via HPG out-system. It is obviously meant to maintain contact with other units over about a 30 LY radius.

*Variants *: The device is packed tightly with nearly half its internal structure given over to its communications equipment, and most of the rest with its fusion engine and fuel reserves. There is no space for other packages or defensive armor or weapons.

HPG Coms Satellite "Lost Echo"

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