LRM Carrier

Saturation Missile Launcher


Long-Range Missile Carrier (60 tons)

Power Plant : InterComBust 180 ICE
Cruise Speed : 32.5 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.8 kph (5)

Armor : Simple Armor Plate Standard (Armor Factor 48) : 3 tons
Front – 12
Right Side – 12
Left Side – 12
Rear – 12

Armament : Three (3) FarFire LRM 20 Launchers (Front)
Ammo (LRM) 24 – (Body)

Communications System : MilComume
Targetting and Tracking System : FireScan w/ IndirecTrack
Manufacturer : Aldis Industries (Terra), Joint Equipment Systems (Alshain), Quickcell (Various).



Overview : Unvieled during the Age of War by Quik Products Inc (the predescessor of Quikscell ), the generically named Missile Carriers quickly became a coveted line of tanks due to their simple and massive firepower. Many other companies released shoddily built copies of this version, giving the tank a bad name, as many broke down in the field and were abandoned.

Quikscell has launched a series of lawsuits against other companies that produce this vehicle without license, almost considered a frivolous effort to most industry outsiders, but as Quikscell is targeting only models based off the original Quik Products Inc. design, which since most have their origins in this version, makes the lawsuit rather widespread. Since those companies that produce cheap versions tend to be operating marginally at best, the high legal costs associated with fighting the case force the shut-down of the lines rather than deal with Quikscell’s lawyers. JES’s and Aldis’ models are exempt from this lawsuit.

Capabilities : Based on designs from centuries earlier, current models of LRM Carriers follow roughly the same template. Their ICE propulsion units move the vehicles at a mediocre 54 kph and mount only enough armor to protect crew and vital systems from back blasts of so many missiles. Sixty missile tubes makes for a massive support battery, but only four tons of ammunition gives the tank a short battlefield engagement ability, before having to break-off for resupply.

To make missile carriers more attractive to military consumers, the launch systems use a standard version of missile ammunition, which has proven effective in maintaining Quikscell’s sales. Quikscell does not, however, warranty vehicles that use launch systems other than FarFire/Holly launchers.

Deployment : Due to Quikscell’s multiple plants scattered across the Inner Sphere, every major power fields the tanks in significant numbers. Quikscell offers a trade-in policy of tanks produced off-license for spare parts, and in the long term, their product seems likely to hold the dominant market share. Off-license production vehicles remain popular only among Periphery and bandit forces, and planetary militias that can’t afford the shipping costs associated with the Quikscell brand.

Variants : Though some units attempt to replace the missile launchers with other weapons systems, such as lasers or light auto-cannons, none are as popular or effective as the original design. Most of these changes are simply to streamline existing unit logistics where large stockpiles of weapons systems and unused munitions are captured.

LRM Carrier

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