M6D Personal Defense Sidearm

Personal Sidearm of the Iron Dingoes Infantry

weapon (ranged)

The M6G sidearm is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, large caliber handgun. It is a later model of the M6 series sidearms that was traditionally distributed to officers and vehicle/weapon crews of the Light Horse Infantry Regiments. The weapon has a polymer handle, along with a titanium alloy body and what appears to be an anti-corrosion nickel-plate finish. The sidearm fires the M225 SAP-HE (Semi-Armor Piercing, High Explosive) rounds from an 8-round magazine at a velocity of 427 m/sec (1302.35 ft/sec).

Performance wise, the M6G sidearm has a relatively low rate of fire, being able to deliver two rounds per second or 120 rounds per minute. It could achieve a maximum effective range of 40 meters and is very accurate and precise, proving itself to be the jack of all trades for close-to-medium range operation.

Equipment Rating : C-B-C
AP/BD : 3B/4
Range : 5/20/40/85
Shots : 8
Cost/Reload : 60/3 Cs
Mass/Reload : 650 g/110 g

Notes : -


A simple weapon, the M6G uses standard ammunition for an auto-pistol, and its parts are easily located to effect repairs. Originally seen as a “hold-out” un for vehicle crews and officers, the weapon’s ease of manufacture and acquisition saw wide-spread use among standard infantry forces in the Light Horse Regiments. Its performance is seen by some as slow, but in proper hands speed is not the issue… A user must be precise and know at what range to engage the enemy.

M6D Personal Defense Sidearm

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