Maas Companies Inc.

Sector-Wide Megacorporation


A major corporation of the Hyades Rim and nearby sectors of the Periphery, Mass Companies Inc is an interstellar marketing company and has considerable experience in successfully marketing industrial plants, equipment, real estate, and commercial properties on a sector-wide basis. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction; their goal is to serve their client and maximize recovery through an aggressive advertising and marketing plan, making full utilization of relevant industry personnel and technical information.

Trade Symbol : MaasCo
Home Office : System – Cassandra
President/CEO : Troy Maas
Founding Date : September 2nd, 2929.

Maas Corporation (by its colloquial name) is best known for its resale of property as brokers, both real estate and equipment, ranging from single pieces of specialized assets to entire manufacturing plants.. Employing teams of Consultants and Engineers, each product in the Maas Corp portfolio is tailored to the market for which it is best suited for resale. Therefore, the company is able to service multiple industries (though mostly catering to mining and resource extraction needs) across the entire sector. Maas Corp does not directly own the equipment they market, nor does it buy or sell real estate; they work as commission agents only, and therefore has no conflict of interest in the resale of any products it markets.

The company owner, the Maas family, continue to hold several private corporate assets that are considered personal family investments. The largest, Maas-Hansen Steel Corporation (CEO – Mark Tinyo) was founded in 2950, and produces rolled steel alloys for out-system export. Another important privately-owned industry, is Survivors Corporation, a family project to provide affordable emergency/casualty insurance to veterans of the Excalibur-Cassandra conflict and to their families. Today, it is the principle insurer of high-risk operations, such as resource exploitation, ship construction and weapons research and development; Survivors deals at all levels of business – private, corporate and governmental. The last important industry owned by Maas Corp directly, is Shunt Drive Systems, Inc., a small manufacturer of drive systems, that gambled early in its inception in the development of a new shuttle and its own drive system. Known as the Callisto Luxury Yacht, it is a high-end shuttle meant for long-range excursions by a private owner and his guests/family, and is locally very popular. In addition, Shunt is known to have once manufactured Aqueduct-Class DropShips, though they now only provide various parts which are useful to a wide-range of industrial and commercial DropShips.

Maas Corp is based in the Grail Habitat, Clear Radical, System – Cassandra. All other assets are typically small, and based from the Grail Habitat, often supporting its own small, though thriving, economy. The company markets its interests among many of the local systems, though few outside the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”. Sector-wide, it has a good reputation.


A fairly respectable corporation, Maas Crop was founded in 2929 by personal investment of the Maas family in the System – Cassandra, using their access to “old money” as the leverage in building their company. They helped to stabilize the habitat through the long rule by Excalibur Corporation, but during the rebellion quickly supported the efforts of the system government, funding the rebels and making a local name for themselves as loyalists.

When Excalibur Corp was forced from the system, Maas Corp took many of their abandoned assets as payment for the family’s efforts in funding the rebellion, and to this day possess valuable equipment and skilled technicians with an origin in Excalibur’s war-chest. Most of its private assets continue to support the Maas family in good stead, and the company and its founding fathers are considered near royalty by the citizens of Grail and most of the system holds the family and company in great respect.

Maas Companies Inc.

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