LRM-65 Maverick

LRM Munitions


First introduced in 2400 by the Terran Hegemony, Long Range Missiles are designed to engage the enemy at great distances at the expense of damage dealt. Adapted towards the profusion of electronic jamming on the battlefield and the effectiveness of current armor designs, these self-guided missiles are unique for using a special armor-piercing explosive warhead.

The development of a metal composite/high explosive mixture allowed for the warhead to be made entirely of high-explosive material; this same feature was later used to construct the missile’s frame as well. The result were warheads which had the same destructive capability as older warheads that were four times as long, allowing for more missiles to be carried and fired. LRMs are capable of indirect fire and disperse over a smaller area than Short Range Missiles while causing less damage. Inner Sphere LRM launchers achieve their superior range by firing at a ballistic launch angle, making them less accurate at close range. LRMs are highly upgradable, able to fire a variety of warheads and benefit from devices such as the LosTech Artemis IV FCS.

Equipment Rating : D-X-D
AP/BD : 8X/10A
Range : 75/400/1000/2100
Shots : -
Cost/Reload : 150 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 4.2 kgs

Notes : -



The LRM-65 Maverick is perhaps the best example of how successful the results of a long-running upgrade program can be. The Maverick was nearly two-hundred years-old when the Succession Wars started, and has been used by both Davion and Periphery military forces. The munitions remain in most inventories to this day, and sees limited production runs for most nation’s advanced vehicles and Aero forces across Terramatrix.

The LRM-65 Maverick” was reverse-engineered by Armadyne Industries early in its formation, to provide a staple for its military production market. Today, the LRM munitions are produced in a limited fashion under the Armametall brand for sale across the planet, and into the Periphery.

LRM-65 Maverick

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