Meadowlands Grain Carrier

Converted Hover Transport


Model number: Meadowlands-Class Grain Carrier
Unit type: Heavy Support Hover Transport
Weight Class: Heavy (100 tons)
Manufacturer: NETC
Operator: Consolidated Foods
First deployment: Terran Hegemony.
Accommodation: 1 Pilot, 1 Radio Operator and 1 Cargo Master (Main Cabin).
Dimensions: 36 m Long x 10 m Wide.
Cargo: 40 tons (Internal Container) : 36 tons “Fluid” Cargo
Armor materials: None.
Powerplant: Electric Fuel Cell, 1700 kms endurance.
Propulsion: 2/4 Standard Thrust Hover Fans, 55 kph / 90 kph.
Equipment and design features: Headlights, Tactical Secure Radio (10 kms).
Fixed armaments: None.


Deployment : The Meadowlands-Class Grain Carrier is a modified version of the venerable BFFL “Buffalo”-Class of hover trucks, first used by the Terran Hegemony centuries ago. It has survived the centuries due to its simplicity of design and maintenance. A basic crew cab, an effecient engine, and four sets of universal cargo cubicle hard points have ensured it serves many purposes.

Consolidated Foods first began employing these vehicles because of their ease of maintenance in frontier settlements, and their ability to take modifications easily. Among its other respected attributes, is the quiet nature of the vehicle, mostly due to its electric engine, but also to an extremely robust transmission. Often, these trucks are retired units formerly used by the military, rebuilt and shipped to various Consolidated Foods facilities, though these models tend to lose the lighter transmissions for a cheaper, heavy alloy version.

Variants : The Meadowlands-Class has been specifically rebuilt to haul bulk grain shipments, using an environmentally sealed cargo bay. The truck can haul 36 tons of grain at a respectable speed over most terrain.

Meadowlands Grain Carrier

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