Mech Stable - "The Hombres"

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Pilot/Mech List

The Mechs employed by the Hombres are only roughly represented by weight class, having undergone repeated modifications and repairs over the last few years. The Mechs are further masked by “prop” sheet metal and other gimmicks to hide their true capabilities. The exact lay-outs of each Mech is often the source of great speculation among the spectators.

Jerry Low is considered the lead pilot of the group, piloting a relatively average Mech built on the frame of a HBK-4G Hunchback, known as “The Laser Flamberge”. He has been humbled by events in the past, but relishes having survived a near-death experience at the hands of the Iron Dingoes. The stable is always looking for new pilot prospects and possible new Mechs.


Stablemaster : Carlo Vincenti
Affiliation : Pro-Sangrian
Colors/Badge : A crouching werewolf on a red field. Most pilots wear red armbands with this symbol patched onto it, as well as standard round patch on their hats and back of their black leather jackets and dusters. They are typically wearing low-slung revolvers.
Mechs : 4
MechWarriors : 4
Standard Contract : 10%, 750 Cs per month

“Gunslinger” : 25 tons – Blackie Perales
“Crusher” : 35 tons – Kelley Metzina
“Laser Flamberge” : 50 tons – Jerry Low
“Zombie” : 60 tons – Nelson Tambo


Formed under Stablemaster Carlo Vincenti in 3017, this group of WorkMech pilots had quickly risen to dominate the local WorkMech matches. Master showmen, his pilots have styled themselves after ancient Terran cowboys, and are locally adored by many mech-bunnies and warrior-wannabes. Their hats and stylized costumes make them instantly recognizable wherever they are found.

The group maintain their own repair depot and “Stablehouse” outside the city limits on an abandoned ranch, known as “Hombre House”. Their practice fields are well-trampled cotton groves, and they prefer close-in slug-fests where their Mech’s melee weapons are best employed. They change their load-outs regularly, to keep people guessing, and employ highly worn Mechs with chassis and equipment from a variety of sources, often actually once real BattleMechs.

Politically, the group are pro-Sangrian, but stay neutral in the various personal differences between factions within that nation. The unit’s lead pilots are still quite young, however, and it is said that they despise the “military mindset”, and have a great deal of disdain for MechWarriors, whom they claim are “…soft-bellied bastards…”.

During the 3018 (April 11th) “Spring Smack-Down”, the once respectable stable suffered an almost complete loss to the mercenary Iron Dingoes at the hands of six of its lead mercenary pilots. As a result, four of the Stable’s pilots were forced to sign contracts with the local military, with two of them undergoing several weeks of hospitalization. Most of the Stable’s technical crews were let go as a result. The two surviving pilots continued to work the angles set forth by previous leadership, but had lost much of their edge and fan-base. Today, they struggle to remain competitive, but luckily remain almost the only show around, so have some potential to rebound from their losses.

Over the early months of 3020, the Stable managed to begin to rebuild itself, and attracted a pair of new Mechwarriors, even managing to rebuild a pair of Light Mechs through salvage work. The stable has spent the last decade struggling to stay afloat, but is accepted today as the local favorites, though the Mech Stable – “The Wraiths” consistently succeed in direct one-on-one competitions.

Mech Stable - "The Hombres"

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