Industrial town of Garcia District


Mercado is the important eastern industrial town of The District of Garcia. Founded in ancient times as an important trade center and trade route from the central part of the district. It is also where the core of regional education and industrial services (transport and trade) are based along the entire eastern coast, despite the nearby location of both the small port village of Melang, and the increasingly important military town of Garrison.


Plaza de la Mercado

The town of Mercado has a small population of 2850, but is almost exclusively devoted to the industrial efforts of the Mercado Industrial Group, or in supplying services to those who are. In addition to the important canning and textile mills, it is the center of an important transportation hub under the Mercado Industrial Logistics (MIL) brand, that supplies the entire district with bulk resource and cargo hauling services.

Recent influxes of refugees from San Marcos, have allowed the town to access a cheap labour pool, and the town continues to increase its population (and services) as more refugees claim land nearby, or find their way into the company’s production lines.

Important local industries include :


Canning Industries Ltd : Established in 2980, CanInd is an old manufacturing company dedicated to the canning and preservation of foodstuffs, especially under its own Finesse label. The company also produces large quantities of lacquered tinplate, that it then converts into cans of all sizes for its canning projects, as well as exporting them into the rest of Sangria and internationally into San Isabel and Delancourt.


Green Cotton Textiles maintains three production factories; one produces simple industrial clothing for the domestic market, while another makes bulk canvas and trade cotton. for its own use and export. A third highly-automated production line was added in late-3023, which produces a ballistic cloth jump-suit intended to for the military market, but has also found some success in industrial concerns as a durable worksuit.

Advanced education in the region is primarily provided by the large secondary school in the town, which draws students from the nearby farms and communities. Interested students seeking other advanced education tend to move on to the colleges in Tqak. Otherwise, the community has its own small technical college, the Palacia Mercado.


Mercado Technical School

Known locally as the Palacia Mercado, it was once a mansion for the district governor, but was seized by the community to form the basis for a new technical college. The school provides basic skills based in manufacturing and mechanical training and development to meet the needs of its own industrial sector. Originally founded in the Mercado Industrial Group’s own HQ at Cabana Alpina, it was expanded in late-3021 with the acquisition of the Palacia. It graduates only a handful of technicians, who achieve their certification through a 24-week welding course, followed by a 2-year machinist’s apprenticeship. It provides skilled tradesmen for local industrial needs, but also exports some workers to Ciudad Garcia for its own industrial sector.

In early-3029, the college received a substantial bequest from the Iron Dingoes, improving its computer technology and replacing many of its ancient educational tools. In exchange, the Iron Dingoes include a handful of students from among its civilian population to attend the institute, in an effort to improve the number of line engineers and machinists available to its landhold production lines.


Military Forces

Although not officially military, the Policia Federales maintains an office and force here, consisting of the 2nd Región de Policía Company, (20 paramilitary squads) equipped with four (4) Wheeled APCs, and numerous “Hellbender” Jeeps, that patrol the nearby region (mostly on horseback) to ensure the peace is maintained.

The nearby military base of Garrison, however, brings a great deal of stability to the region, and ensures the local town has little chance of being targeted for any sort of partisan activity.


The founding of Mercado is traceable to its position between the agricultural eastern coastal regions of Garcia, and the industry and capital of Ciudad Garcia. Exploiting local resources of cotton and corn, the town quickly formed itself into a market town, using many local indigenous natives as indentured labour from among the local Tucano and Carijonas tribes.

The community gained prominence in 2943, when the first efforts to formalize the community’s small-scale textile industries were made, forming a co-operative. The town quickly dominated the tin and cotton trade, offering supplies of clothing, food and fuel to its workers, in exchange for raw materials and labour. By 2970, the village had grown to a town, and in October 2981 had developed several small industrial efforts as well, including the all-important canning mill of Canning Industries Ltd., built by Miguel Cuervo Araoz. Within a decade, several small factories were producing industrial goods for export, but constantly suffered from skilled labour shortages and low access to modern technology.

Off-world investment in 3011, led to the local industrial efforts forming the Mercado Industrial Group under the aegis of local-boy-done-good Hernando Huarez. The centralization of efforts and revitalized industries led to improving educational opportunities and by the end of 3020, the local community boasted a small technical school and vital parts supply services to the rest of the district.

In late-3031, the town and surrounding farmlands came under the control of the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous Distirct (IDAD), and remains an important industrial and market town of the district.

Today, the town is one of the best places to live in Garcia, with increasing apartment development and urbanization. The town’s center as a marketplace has continued to develop, and the growth of investment in nearby Garrison and Melang has led to the town gaining important markets for its goods. Rumor has it that Mercado is looking into developing a line of automotive parts manufacture, or similar effort, from production lines salvaged from the industrial ruins of San Succi.


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