Mercado Industrial Group

Primary Industrial Company in the Garcia district


A strong industrial conglomerate, the Mercado Industrial Group (MercIndy) has allied with and absorbed several smaller corporations to better provide the basis for a single, unified corporate identity. It is he closest thing to a “megacrporation” in The District of Garcia, and it is the leading figure in development of The Industrialist’s League.


Trade Symbol : MercIndy
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Hernando Huarez
Founding Date : February 2nd, 3012.

MercIndy has been the single dominant corporate entity in The District of Garcia for decades, and controls much of the industrial output of the district through its interests and political clout with the Industrialist’s League. Although it has close financial ties to Banco Nacional de Sangria, which have backed its infrastructural development over the last decade, and the company remains strongly controlled by one voice; Hernando Huarez. His position has remained strong enough, that even the Guardia Civilia – Garcia wouldn’t touch him or his direct employees during the dark years. Ultimately, they recognized that he paid their salaries.

Today, the company maintains close ties to the logistical needs of the district, but is increasingly supportive of its closest potential rival, the Dingo Brand Corporation, and works closely with them in both the boardroom of The Industrialist’s League, and in the development of the technical aspects of its personnel and manufacturing technology. Mercado has become seen as the primary defender of the national and district economy and its industrial development.


Mercado BDU



Mercado Industrial Complex

The Mercado Industrial Group is a conglomeration of companies that united to form MercIndy in 3012, becoming the first of several efforts of off-world investment to bear fruit on Terramatrix. The company quickly snapped-up several smaller, failing asset companies and formed its own transportation network for the export of its goods, as well as improving its ancient factories to fairly modern standards.

By 3018, the company was in full production and exporting its goods and services widely. As a natural expansion, it has taken control of the loose political association of large and important industries in the region, known as The Industrialist’s League. This organization stresses the need for political stability, supports free trade and has always worked to strengthen the local military presence, to ensure its long-term security. As a result, the Industrialist’s League is now the premier industrial organization in Sangria, and heavily influences the economy of the nation.

At present, MercIndy has numerous subsidiaries, each with an important role to play in the corporation’s long-term growth strategies, and each works closely with the other to promote their individual strengths, and the conglomerate’s bottom-line.


Canning Industries Ltd : Established in 2980, CanInd is the oldest portion of the industrial group, and represents the largest company dedicated to the canning and preservation of foodstuffs in all of Sangria. The company produces large quantities of lacquered tinplate, that it then converts into cans of all sizes for its own food processing projects, as well as exporting them into the rest of Sangria and internationally into San Isabel, Delancourt, and increasignly on other international markets. Crown-caps for soda, aerosol cans, paint cans and steel drums are also exported. Following the worst of the 3025 Outworld Flu, the company replaced much of its lost workforce with refugees in Melang, and has never lost any level of production despite the contagion.


Finesse : Finesse is a food processor, that concentrates on local fruit, soy, corn, pork and beef processing under its own brand. The company began operations in 2991, and has since expanded to export its goods domestically through its own chain of supermarkets, Mercado Shops, and outside the district under the aegis of the Alpina-brand. Workers for the local factory are commonly trucked in from across the nearby region, as work at the factory is highly prized.


General Motors, Sangria : In a surprise move, Mercado announced its expansion into the automotive industry in late-3032, by acquiring control over the General Motors monopoly of importing and manufacturing their products. The company had been in talks with the GM parent company in the Federated Suns for years, and constitutes the remnant of the destroyed GM, Sanmotores plant lost during the opening salvos of the 1000 Days War. While Indumil managed to salvage much of the surviving manufacturing equipment for its own Jabali “Wild Boar” MBT development, General Motors was interested in rebuilding its interests on Terramatrix, primarily to meet an increasing demand for simple industrial truck support in the local constellation.

GM Sangria intends to manufacture the standard Flatbed Truck, its chassis and engine, the GM 30 ICE, which converts chemical energy to power fuel cells through the powerful Wrightspeed power train. Using a very ubiquitous design, the vehicle is easily manufactured, and is simply awaiting the construction of the plant and installation of its lines, a project expected to be completed in late-3034.

General Motors is the largest manufacturer of vehicles and military-grade hardware in both the Inner Sphere, and the Federated Suns. The company invented the first self-sustaining fusion reactor in 2020, and patented the device for sale to other parties the following year. In later years, it achieved fame as the company that developed the MAD-3R Marauder at the height of its position and power, and still controls numerous major and minor manufacturing complexes across the Inner Sphere.


Green Cotton Textiles : A versatile textile production company that specializes in industrial textiles, especially cotton canvas and belt cotton. They also produce simple work clothing for the domestic market. The company has two separate textile factories located in Mercado, that truck in workers from nearby communities, and all its products use domestic sources.

In late-3023, the company purchased a variety of industrial parts from salvage acquired by * “The Iron Dingoes”, from which they assembled a single semi-automated production line. The company now manufactures a durable military one-suit of Star League origin, that is used by the Sangrian national military and its close allies. This has made Mercado the supplier of the basic combat uniform (BDU) for the national military, and is used in the Dumassas (Advanced) Infantry Field Kit, as well as by the Iron Dingoes and other local mercenary units. Woven of ballistic cloth, the uniform is also increasingly popular in many industrial environments, as it is easily cleaned, and provides very good protection against abrasions.


Mercado Industrial Logistics : Provides trans-shipment services for dry goods across the District of Garcia, and is the largest shipping company in the district. It has grown fast, and achieved a reputation for fast loading/unloading of cargoes, and reliability of service. Expanded in 3017, the company maintains distribution centers in Ciudad Garcia, Gaucho, Melang, Quez, Telacaibo, Tqak, and Velino. In 3022, the company expanded into Garrison, and it is the primary supplier to the iron Dingoes, which imports hundreds of tons of cargo each day to fuel its military apparatus.

MIL was also integral to the development of Bertling Logistics, and holds an important controlling share in that company. MIL has largely integrated itself with Bertling’s small package network, and increasingly uses Bertling transport services for its internal bulk materials shipments, as well as the usual small package services. Super-Max, also known as “Mercado Shipping Limited”, is a subsidiary of MIL, which operates numerous bulk dry-goods vessels for shipping coal, iron ore, wheat, soybeans, bauxite, fertilizers, raw iron, sugar, cement, timber and steel products. It also maintains a single bulk liquid transport, the famous ’Aurora", that ships vegetable (soy) oils overseas. This company is based from Ciudad Garcia.


Mercado Resources : This company maintains significant positions in various mining companies world-wide that include coal, nickel, and iron ore. They seek to constantly improve their portfolio, to better provide resources to the district’s industries, and actively buy interests in other valuable resource-based companies. They also hold considerable shares in the Blue Mountain Mining Company, which have been integral to supplying aluminum to Canning Industries Ltd.


Mercado Shops : Largely funded by off-world investment and the company’s own internal production, Mercado Shops was officially formed in 3026, after a series of test projects in Ciudad Garcia proved the concept viable. The stores sell bulk goods of Mercado’s own products, as well as vegetables and other produce from nearby regional markets, but are concentrated solely in the district’s major urban centers, such as Ciudad Garcia, Mercado, Velino, and Tqak. The company has no intention of expanding into the smaller markets, and in the local * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) has given over control of these smaller communities to Dingo Brand Corporation.


Mercado Technical Services (MerTech) : The Mercado Industrial Group has long supported itself by producing all its own tools, dies and spare parts, as well as providing technical personnel with access to an internal technical education to provide training for the maintenance of company equipment. Soon after the company’s seizure the governor’s assets in 3021, they established a small technical college in Mercado, and began formalized training in excess of their immediate need for technicians.

As a result, MerTech was formally created soon after, and provides both contract maintenance work within the company, and sells their expertise to other industrial concerns, mostly through long-term maintenance contracts of their facilities. As a result, MerTech has become a hot commodity in the region, and is known to provide their services into the other districts of the nation. Their tool & die shop in Mercado remains vitally important to expansion of the region’s industrial needs, and works closely with the Iron Dingoes own technical resources in its numerous industrial concerns.

Mercado Industrial Group

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