Milkor MGL

Infantry Support Weapon


The MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a lightweight 40 mm six-shot revolver-type grenade launcher developed by Indumil, and manufactured in The New Republic of Sangria by Mariposa Munitions of San Succi, under license with the traditional name “Milkor”.


The MGL is a multiple-shot (automatic) weapon, intended to significantly increase a small squad’s firepower when compared to more traditional single-shot grenade launchers, such as the IMC-40 Grenade Launcher. The MGL is designed to be simple, rugged, and reliable. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to achieve a high rate of accurate fire which can be rapidly brought to bear on a target. A variety of rounds such as HE, HEAT, anti-riot baton, irritant, and pyrotechnic can be loaded and fired as fast as the trigger can be pulled; the cylinder can be loaded or unloaded rapidly to maintain a high rate of fire. Although intended primarily for offensive and defensive use with high-explosive rounds, with appropriate ammunition the launcher is suitable for anti-riot and other security operations. A manufacturing modification allows the MGL to fire less lethal (very low pressure) rounds.

Equipment Rating : C-B-B
AP/BD : Class B Ordnance
Range : 20/45/110/180
Shots : 6
Cost/Reload : 750 Cs/-
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 12.0kg/6.0kg

Notes : Burst 5; Recoil -2. This weapon is capable of direct and indirect-fire, and may use Indirect Fire rules (ATOW p.174).



Indumil 40mm Grenade Rounds

Grenade launchers are the simplest of support weapons, made to fire grenades beyond regular throwing distance, and are a staple of modern warfare. Popular as a light support weapon, grenade launchers typically use a 40mm self-propellant grenade, and cannot launch regular hand grenades.

The MGL was demonstrated as a concept to the Sangrian Army Command in 2989. The operating principle was immediately accepted and subjected to a stringent qualification program. The MGL was then officially accepted into service with the SAC as the “Milkor”. After its introduction, the MGL has been gradually adopted by the armed forces and law enforcement organizations of most of the planet’s military as an infantry support weapon. Total production since 2991 has been more than 50,000 units.

Originally licensed for production through the Jose Maria Cordova Factory in San Succi, Sangria, the production line was considered destroyed as of 3021, during the fires and riots that swept that city. Rumors persisted, however, that low-level production continued off-license, as new models had begun to appear in black-market channels, along with ample ammunition.


In mid-3030, “Mariposa Munitions” was officially founded, and began full-scale production of the Milkor GL for both domestic and international production. While manufactured for some years at a trickle, the company altered its priorities, and began meeting the national need for a cheap, easily deployed infantry support weapon, and chose the Milkor GL as it fit a niche no one else was able to meet. Today, the weapon system is produced by Mariposa Munitions as an officially licensed product of Indumil.

Milkor MGL

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