MPC-1700 Scanalyzer

Scientist's Portable Diagnostic Computer System


The MPC-1700 “Scanalyzer” is a portable workstation designed to pack computer analysis in a single portable package. Its spacious internal layout supports fairly powerful motherboards, and five drive bays. In addition, numerous jack-ports exist for small data pods to accept and supplement its internal memory data storage.

The MPC-1700 remains the most powerful computer analysis tool for use in scientific and forensic work.

Equipment Rating : D-D-A
Cost/Reload : 5000 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 3.0 kg

Notes : Desktop; Requires Power Pack or Plug (0.1 PPH); +2 to Science Skill Rolls (when analyzing samples). In


The MPC-1700 comes in a road-ready lunchbox style portable enclosure. The rugged computer chassis is constructed of 2.2mm aluminum alloy. The keyboard folds out for use and includes a touch-pad mouse. A 650-watt power supply is standard, and a luggable carry case with wheels lets the technician transport the system over long distances.

The MPC-1700 offers flexible system configuration using the latest COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) computer components. It packs powerful workstation-class computing capability using the latest dual-core and quad-core processor technologies found in the service of all major technical schools used in the Successor States. There are numerous data slots for add-on modules and drive assemblies, making the unit a powerful tool for scientists in the field.

Manufactured by Nirasaki Computers Collective, a Terran-based firm best noted for their “Blue Lotus” PCs, a popular brand of computers used across the Hegemony. They designed the MPC-1700 “Scanalyzer” with field scientists in mind, and the device was employed throughout the Star League. Nirasaki still exists, primarily due to its basic principles of communal responsibility, wherein it is a corporation with no actual central leadership. The innovative thinking of this company has long held its products above those of many competitors, and the brand was always popular in the Hegemony military. It can still be found in many little independent firms, all employing the title of this corporation , and often sharing resources and personnel when needed.

MPC-1700 Scanalyzer

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