Mobile Repair Platform - "Mule"


“Mule” Mobile Repair Platform (10 tons) 1.5

Power Plant : Electric (Fuel Cells) 1.2
Cruise Speed : 21.1 kph (2)
Flank Speed : 32.2 kph (3)

Armor : Star Slab/1 (Armor Factor 8) : 0.5 tons
Front – 2
Right Side – 2
Left Side – 2
Rear – 2
Turret – None

Armament : Heavy Lift Hoist (Body)
Arc Welder (Body)

Communications System : -
Targeting and Tracking System : -
Manufacturer : -

Notes : 15,000 Cs; Mobile; Reduces repair time by 20%.


Overview : As a Mech unit travels from place to place, it tends to acquire certain useful equipment, often scavenged from abandoned or destroyed industrial sites. One of the most common non-military items is a repair platform. This device is usually mounted on a wheeled chassis with a hydraulically-powered support that lifts a wide, contained compartment 10-20 meters in the air.

Capabilities : The “Mule” Mobile Repair Platform (MRP) is equipped with devices such as welders and grippers, which allow Techs to repair damaged Mechs, replace portions of their armor or anatomy, and such, even before the extreme heat generated by battle has been diffused. The compartment is also proof against most harmful radiation, thus permitting a Tech to remove or replace a malfunctioning fusion reactor. The machine is considered essential for most BattleMech repair teams.

Deployment : All Techs tend to carry basic tool, cutting, joining, and electric kits. Sensor, fusion and gyro kits, and repair platforms are only located in a central, secure location, such as DropShips, headquarters, and repair and maintenance depots.

Variants : There are very few variants to the basic model, with the only changes being its mounting type and extra industrial equipment, such as extra lift hoists and welders.

Mobile Repair Platform - "Mule"

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