2nd Taurian Rangers

Combined Arms Regiment


Another Mech regiment assembled from pirate salvage of Mechs, AeroSpace Fighters and tanks, the unit is considered Green, but only lacks practical combat experience, having spent several years in training. The unit is a mixed-arms regiment, with a battalion of Medium BattleMechs, a battalion of medium tanks, and three battalions of infantry. It also has limited JumpShip, DropShip and AeroSpace support for its Mech Battalion, with the rest of the regiment operating as garrison forces (one company of tanks and one battalion of infantry per cantonment) in key parts of the developing planets of the Taurian Outback.

The main cantonment for the regiment is in System – Orkney, with supporting garrisons in System – Simone and System – Charleston, both one jump away from Orkney and System – Serenity.


Assembled by Baron Kenton Sarne from salvaged Mechs, Aeros and tanks, the 2nd Taurian Rangers is considered a very young and unseasoned force, but their heavy equipment and Aero forces have done much to change that tune. They have spent several years training together and are proving incredibly loyal to their commander Sarne and his officers.

The lead vessel of the Aero fleet, is the battered Overlord-Class DropShip, the “Star of Glory”, and its Invader-Class JumpShip “Redemption”. In addition, a Danais-Class DropShip, the “Bon Homme” and a Union-Class DropShip, the “Broadside” are available for support operations, along with a wing of twelve (12) light and medium AeroFighters.

2nd Taurian Rangers

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