Battle Armor - Nighthawk Mk XXI PA(L)

LosTech Power Armor


Employed only by elite special forces elements within the Star League, the Nighthawk PA-L was a complete secret to intelligence services across the Inner Sphere, although rumors circulated regarding the Star League possessing some sort of special stealth suit. It remains an item only found in exceedingly rare lost Star League caches, and only in small (squad-level) numbers.

Tech Base : Star League
Chassis Type : Humanoid
Weight Class : Power Armor (Light)
Maximum Weight : 400 kg
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP : Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Notes : Typically armed with the Mauser 960 Assault System

Equipment :

Motive System (75 kg) :
Ground MP – 1
Jump MP – 3

Manipulators :
Left Arm (Armored Glove)
Right Arm (Armored Glove)

Armor : Standard Stealth (4 Slots) (120 kg)
Armor Value : 2+1 (Trooper)

Weapons and Equipment :

Extended Life Support (Body – 25 kg)
ECM Suite (Body – 100 kg)

Extended Life Support (Body – 25 kg)
Anti-Vehicle Laser (LA – 100 kg)

Notes : Military Comm, IR Scanner, Night Vision, Rangefinder, Ultrasonic Detector (5 kms range). Requires HC Micro Power Pack (3 PPH). +1 to Perception, AV 8 vs Flash.



Histroy : The first Star League experienced advances in science and technology unparalleled by any other time in history, fueled in part by nightmares that plagued First Lord Jonathon Cameron. Obsessed with preventing the destruction of the League and the fall of Terra, the First Lord launched an ambitious program to build up the Terran Hegemony’s defenses. New BattleMechs, AeroSpace Fighters, and WarShips were developed, and the Hegemony was fortified with a formidible network of automated weapons platforms and drones that came to be known as the Space Defense System (SDS).

Although commercial exoskeletons had been in use since the early space age, they had never been successful in a combat role. It took some of the best engineers in the Hegemony (backed by the generous funding of hundreds of worlds) fifteen torturous years to perfect the concept. After totally reworking their prototypes twenty times, the SLDF High Command was presented with the Mk XXI Nighthawk in 2718. Testing soon proved that a Nighthawk-equipped trooper possessed unparalleled mobility and protection. Sophisticated ECM and stealth capabilities made the design ideal for reconnaissance and covert missions. Though vulnerable to heavy weapons, protection against small arms fire was excellent. Armored gloves allowed the use of standard weapons (usuallt the SLDFs Mauser 960 Assault System) and other equipment with no loss of dexterity – a highly valuable feature, as the Nighthawk lacked integral weapons.

After completing two years of field-testing, the new suit entered service with Special Forces Command, who equipped their elite Special Armed Services troops (the Blackhearts) with the Nighthawk. The deployment was never acknowledged publicly, and the men and women of the SAS were so skilled that all the other Star League Member States ever heard were vague rumors of an advanced sneak suit. Attempts to develop a combat-oriented version for full-scale deployment in SLDF Royal Divisions produced the Mk XXII, but the Amaris Coup and the fall of the Star League prevented that version from entering full production. With the outbreak of the Succession Wars both versions were all but lost.

Variants : According to production records both the Nighthawk Mk XXI and the combat-oriented Nighthawk Mk XXII existed. This latter version sacrifices its integral ECM suite to carry an integral weapons system, a high-power anti-vehicle laser mounted on the left shoulder, the Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal” allowing BattleArmor formations to engage light armor and even light BattleMechs.

Battle Armor - Nighthawk Mk XXI PA(L)

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