OSR-2C Ostroc

Urban Garrison Mech


OSR-2C Ostroc (60 tons)

Chassis : Ost-II

Power Plant : Vlar 300
Cruise Speed : 54.3 kph (5)
Flank Speed : 85.8 kph (8)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Riese 475 (Armor Factor 144) : 9.0 tons
Head – 3/8
Center Torso – 20/22
Rear – 6
Right Torso – 14/22
Rear – 4
Left Torso – 14/22
Rear – 4
Right Arm – 10/8
Left Arm – 10/8
Right Leg – 14/20
Left Leg – 14/20

Armament :
2 Fuersturm-c Large Lasers (RT, LT)
2 Fuersturm-b Medium Lasers (RT, LT)
1 Totschlagen SRM Quad Launcher (RT)
Ammo (SRM) : 25 (CT)

Communicationms System : Ostmann-L
Targeting & Tracking System : Ferdinand-a

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : n : n : n : 45 : 3 : 25 : 4 : 12 : – : y : y


Overview : Created in 2511 by Ostmann Industries, the Ostroc wasdesigned for combat in an urban environment. With its reduced profile and powerfl array of weaponry, the OSR-2C Ostroc was a popular addition to the garrisons of the Teraan Hegemnoy. Ostmann’s limited production facilities on Terrakept a number of the Ost-Series Mechs initially low. Ostmann licensed out their subsequent designs to Kong Interstellar so they could concentrate on producing the Ostroc, which would become a large component of the Star League Defense Force, especially in garrison units. The number of operational Ost Mechs has dwindled since the destruction of their production facilities during the Amaris Civil War and th First Succession War.

Capabilities : Intended primarily for urban defense, the Ostroc heralded the familiar walker/pod profile later seen in the heavier Stalker and Marauder Mechs, while the lower silhouette makes it a difficult target, especially when obscured by buildings or trees.

The Ostroc has a powerful array of weaponry at medium and short range, including the well-designed Fuersturm lasers and the excellent Totschlagen SRM launcher. Swift for its size and equipped with fifteen (15) heat sinks, the Ostroc is a capable BattleMech even outside an urban landscape. Its weak arm protection often costs it one or two arms in serious combat, a liability in close-quarters, urban melee fights.

Deployment : Although primarily deployed among the garrisons of the Terran Hegemony, the Ostroc saw action in every major conflict of the Star League. It also featured prominently in the seizure of Terra by ComStar, where the Ostroc figured prominently during the entire campaign. An entire company of Ostrocs is credited with disrupting the invasion of Bolan, and Ostrocs enabled the conquest of Solaris VII.

Variants : A number of Ostroc variants exist, but none are particularly numerous. The 2L replaces the SRM with an LRM launcher, while the 3C adds a third large laser at the expense of its lesser weaponry. Kong Interstellar produced the experimental 2M version with jump jets for the FWL after their annexation of Connaught, but it was only manufactured in small numbers prior to the factory’s destruction.

In Iron Dingoes hands, the Ostrocs have been modified to remove the SRM launcher, and combine the large lasers into a “Blazer” in the right torso, placing the medium lasers in the left torso, and adding either armor or heat sinks, or other equipment depending on the pilot’s preference. This version actually has the capability to fire its “Blazer” on a regular basis, and still maintain the Dingoes traditional raid style with decent speed in a heavy Mech.

OSR-2C Ostroc

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