Systems Constellation - "The Outrim Void"

A region of stars united by a desire to stay independent


The Outrim Void Constellation

Though largely uncharted, the Outrim Void is far from uninhabited. The Outrim Void is littered with abandoned or failed colonies, small outposts, and even small-scale interstellar empires. Many periphery and Inner Sphere factions also maintain hidden bases in the constellation. House Davion has established a single military depot and cargo way-station in the region, which has come under criticism by both local independent worlds and factions within House Davion’s own nation.

Excepting one or two high-tech worlds, no established HPG communication network exists within the Outrim Void; communication is only possible via courier ship. While this is also true for the greater part of the near periphery, the distances involved mean that many Outrim Void settlements are isolated from the rest of humanity, often for decades. The name “Reaver’s Rift” is a popular term, and aptly describes the dominating factor in the region; pirates are common in the region, particularly in “The Triangle”, the systems around System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, that act as a buffer between Taurian and Davion concerns. That some of this activity might be privateers supporting one side or the other is not lost on travellers in the region.

It should be noted, that the world System – Tarsus is the nominal capital of Excalibur Corporation, and so that organization has an inordinate amount of influence in the sector. Between Excalibur Corp “traders”, pirates and the privateers of the various House navies, the region is a hotbed of danger and adventure.


Origins : The region known as the Outrim Void is largely unknown to the population of the Inner Sphere, and is regarded by suspicion by even those who travel through the region, due primarily to its tradition as a natural haunt for corsairs and those fleeing Inner Sphere justice. Many Outrim Void worlds are believed to have been settled during the height of colonization known as the Diaspora (during the late 2600s), and since isolated from the Inner Sphere have fallen on hard times. It is rumored, some have retained links with various stellar nations.

Systems of the sector include:

System – Cassandra
System – Coventry
System – Drexillthar
System – Dumassas
System – Ganulph
System – Gollere
System – Hawktor
System – Outpost
System – Pa’an
System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster
System – San Carlos
System – Tarsus
System – Tashrakaar

Systems Constellation - "The Outrim Void"

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