System - Pa'an

Davion Periphery Colony


Pa’an – Davion Periphery Colony

Pa’an is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, located somewhat trailing of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, and just outside the traditional border of the Federated Suns. The system is noteworthy for little beyond its Davion culture, and as a former stopping jump-point for Davion trade and military ships travelling between the Federated Suns and the System – Star Forge, which has largely halted since the abandonment of the White Fleet in the region.

The system has no planetary belts, and a pair of small jovians in its outer system, but little else of note. The planet’s starport is rated E-Class, essentially nothing more than a marked spot of bedrock with no fuel, facilities, or bases present. Off-world contact is almost exclusively with the Dragonfly merchant banner of the Abrasax family of System – Gollere. The few facilities here are maintained by members of that clan.


Political Ruler : Balkanized, Baron Anton hault Carving.
Star Type : Binary – M1V (Red Main Sequence) – (202 Hours)
Position in System : 2
Time to Jump Point : 2.98 days
Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 0.9 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Thin, Tainted (4000 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : +21.2C (Warm, Temperate)
Surface Water : Oceans, 90%
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : 20%, Fish.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial, T-Prime.

Population : (3025) 800,000.

Pa’an is a regressed colony world, with few technical capabilities beyond dirigibles, trains, steamships and revolvers. In some ways, it’s even more of a “Steampunk” world than System – Gollere, except its population is very small and it lacks the industrial development to produce such goods on its own.

Physically, the planet is a fairly cold world, with about 15% of its water locked in its polar icecaps. Most habitation is along the equator in a string of continental land-masses, which provide long growing seasons and even sports a few temperate rain forests. While its population has grown since the fall of the Star League (500,000), it still remains fairly insignificant, and along much the same order of magnitude. Once sporting a healthy technical caste, the planet now can maintain only the most primitive radios, adding machines, ceramic armors and basic weapons systems (revolvers and shotguns) available as exports from Gollere.



Barony of Carving Regional Flag

Pa’an is inhabited by a failed Davion colony, and contact with its parent nation was once maintained through visiting patrol vessels of the White Fleet, but has since lapsed. The world is ruled by a traditional nobility, while the majority of the population remains in a state of serfdom.

Few LosTech weapons are in evidence (mostly ceremonial and held almost exclusively by its nobility). The usual local defense is a platoon of troopers armed with imported rifles from System – Gollere, and basically equivalent to the Gollere Militia Field Kit. The world’s main trade value is in being T-Prime, with a largely unexploited resource base, especially petrochemicals, that are commonly traded with Gollere. The location of most of the population along the equator results in hurricane storm damage being a common difficulty along its narrow coasts.

The most notable factor on Pa’an, is the local gigantic predatory invertebrates, called “Sea Slugs”, the largest of which measure around 100m long. Not terribly intelligent, they are like sharks, feeding on schools of fish and frequenting the deep waters of Pa’an’s oceans. While the coastal shallows tend to be safe from their attacks, the open seas between the islands are often infested with them, reducing trade between the two chains. More importantly, the wooden hulls of the planet’s sailing and fishing fleets are easily crushed in the jaws of the Sea Slugs.


Carcovaan Capital


Most traders report the world as being the perfect picture of a balkanized world controlled by a cruel and exploiting nobility, and who rule over subsistence-level peasants and raid each other for scarce resources. There is little sense of cooperation between the nobility, though they tend to be united under the command of its ruling Overlord, Baron Carving, especially since he controls the largest and most technically advanced force on the planet. There is rumored to be a southern island chain that is somewhat independent of Baron Carving.

The balkanized government of the world is broken into eleven (11) sovereign nation-states, each ruled by a Lordship or primitive Republic and their various supporting noble houses.

Lordship of Argos
The Republic of Carcovaan
Barony of Carving
Lordship of Downdistrikt
Lordship of Equatoria
The Republic of Gallos
Lordship of Pathway
Lordship of Nemsos
Lordship of Northbank
Lordship of Northmark
The Northern Alliance


Typical Pa’an Rural Farmlands

Half the world’s population lives in the Island of Carcovaan, which is ruled by a senate. While the Senate of Carcovaan has virtually unrestricted powers and is elected by franchised “electors”, they constitute barely one percent (1%) of the nation’s population and are nobles in every sense of the word. The Senate is in constant political efforts to counter the military threats of the Barony of Carving, and are intent on ruling the planet by bringing in modern weapons and have developed the present national starport, thus depend greatly upon the technical skills and goods brought by Abrasax House from Gollere. The Carcovanni are among the most open to off-world trade and contact.

The Barony of Carving dominates the rugged steppes known as the “Battery” between the republicans of Carcovaan Island, and the rest of the world. This region has given the nation a belligerent attitude and has led to the military domination of many other nations in the world, despite the higher population of neighboring Carcovaan. Much of their capability is linked to their access to high-tech weapons systems believed to come from a Star League cache that serves the Baron as his personal fortress.

The Barony of Carving has recently concluded an alliance treaty with Argos. As a result, Carving troops support the development of an Argosian naval base along the south coast of Argos, which Carcovaani ships have begun to see as a direct threat to their position and power.


Downdistrikt Regional Flag

For as much as there is an open sea on Pa’an, commerce is restricted by the equatorial land masses. There are several choke-points in the north-south passages, and east-west travel in the southern hemisphere is limited by the Republic of Gallos. The continent of Midgaard has a number of very short north-south railroads that link the seaports on both coasts.

The old starport is located in the western reaches of Downdistrikt. Seldom visited due to residual radiation, some daring scavengers work the ruins in off-world protective clothing (an expensive and dangerous proposition), usually shipping their finds to Carcovaan and House Abrasax agents.

Carcovanni pirate raids under letters of mark have become more frequent in the Pathway Islands, and as the local government is afraid of the larger nation, does little to stop them, being unable to pursue them into Carcovaani territorial waters. The Carcovaani ship masters use this lack of protection as a call for the region’s annexation.

The government of the Northern Alliance is both cruel and inept, and its heavy-handed brutality of its population is fanning the flames of revolution. Carcovaan is using this to its advantage, and is believed to be backing various rebel forces with off-world weapons and munitions. While the nation’s rivals in Northbank oppose these activities, they have fewer resources and cannot stand in the face of open hostility by a untied Northern Alliance. Nemsos, honoring an old treaty obligation, supports the government of the Northern Alliance, but is unlikely to continue to do so in the face of open war.

Military Forces


Barony of Carving “Imperial Guard” Troopers

Originally counted as roughly 2000 personnel, recent scouting intelligence has increased the military capability of the planet’s militias, to more than 32 battalions of infantry militia scattered across the planet. They are typically equipped to Gollere Militia Field Kit standards, though regional exceptions are known to occur, primarily among the Republic of Carcovaan and the Barony of Carving.

The largest organized military is from the Republic of Carcovaan, and includes three (3) “Republican Guard” battalions, one of which deploys as marines (wet navy).. These forces are considered the best-trained army on the planet. Most of the rest of the national military is typically standard infantry and cavalry, with conscripts when required.

The forces of Baron Carving, while perhaps better-equipped and motivated than the standing Carcovaani forces, are unknown in exact numbers, but are believed to be roughly three battalions of heavy infantry and a battalion of cavalry. Carving’s forces are well-equipped with off-world automatics, heavy ceramic armor found among the officer’s corps of The Duchy of Horn and deploy explosive-tipped lances among their cavalry, with their forces often referred to as “Grenadiers”. Carving also deploys some helicopter forces, as well as at least a pair of AeroFighters (though none have ever seen them in operation), and is known to possess many anti-aircraft batteries around his central holdings at the so-called “Battery”. His communications are considered the best in the world.

Another thirty (30) companies are scattered across the planet serving in a variety of roles, typically as standard infantry, though about a third are cavalry. Very few motor vehicles exist on the planet, and the various railroads of each nation are integral to maintaining logistics along the narrow band of terrestrial islands that make up the planet’s habitable spaces. Another sixty (60) or so regional militia companies could be called up in need, but such forces are typically light infantry armed with Tulip M2981 and other third-line equipment typical for the regressed Periphery colony. They would consist of conscripts with poor to no training.

The wet navy consists of two (2) large “modern” iron-hulled warships (owned by Carcovaan), and more than thirty (30) smaller ships with wooden hulls and mixed armaments. Another dozen “modern” iron-hulled vessels, and a hundred or so civilian wooden-hulled vessels are known to maintain logistics across the planet, but are indifferently armed.

There are no armor, Mech or other air force in the planet’s armed forces.

System - Pa'an

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