Patron LoaderMech


Patron LoaderMech (15 tons)

Equipment Rating : D/D/C

Chassis : AR1 Standard
Power Plant : Vlar 30 PowerStack Fuel Cell
Cruise Speed : 21.4 kph (2)
Flank Speed : 32.6 kph (3)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Type 7 IndPlate (BAR 5 : Armor Factor 24) : 1.0 tons
Head – 3/3
Center Torso – 5/3
Rear – 2
Right Torso – 4/2
Rear – 2
Left Torso – 4/2
Rear – 2
Right Arm – 2/2
Left Arm – 2/2
Right Leg – 3/2
Left Leg – 3/2

Armament :
Lift Hoist (RT)
Mounted Searchlight (LT)
Sprayer (LT)
Insulated Liquid Cargo Bay (1.36 tons) : CT

Communicationms System : Apple Communicator
Targeting & Tracking System : None


Description : With the advent of the BattleMEch, new logistics concerns arose. One of the foremost concerns was a way to reload the heavy weapons of the twelve-meter-tall behemoths, and the answer was found in the BattleMEch’s immeadiate ancestor, the WorkMech. The fifteen-ton “Patron”, created by Atreus-based Atrean Robotics, was among the first of the so-called LoaderMechs to come into common use in the Free Worlds League. Designed to reload the new Icarus series of BattleMechs, the Patron was a success that built Atrean Robotics into a company that spanned sixteen separate worlds across three districts before the Succession Wars drove them out of business.

With the proliferation of BattleMechs and the diversification of sizes and models, the early Patrons, optimized for the Icarus, were phased out of production and replaced with a more generic model. The few Icarus-specialized Patrons that remain are on display in corporate museums across the League.

Capabilities : The Patron is specifically designed for use in Mech bays. At 15 tons, it is small enough that it isn’t a danger to most small equipment and it is too small to do any real harm to a BattleMech. A lift hoist in the torso capable of lifting seven tons of materials at once makes it easy for a Patron to load the ammunition a BattleMech needs to keep fighting, while a bunker in the chest is routinely filled with coolant in case a freshly returned combatant was overheated. While the Mech’s speed is considered slow for a BattleMech, a machine that routinely carries several tons of munitions is not expected – or encouraged – to move quickly.

Deployment : Patrons served in almost every FWLM BattleMech force prior to the Succession Wars, and several survive to this day. Although the technology exists to make new vehicles, they are not presently in production, allowing for the more generic “LoadMaster” series to take precedence.

While other LoaderMechs are a common sight in large Mech bays across the Inner Sphere, in the Free World’s League, the vehicles are held in high regard. Use of the Patron by FWL Mech forces is considered a mark of prestige, and often hints to a loyalist tendency among its troops and techs.

Variants : The specialized Icarus-only Patrons shared many of that Mechs antiquated features. Mounting a less efficient engine and primitive cockpit, these first Patrons lacked the coolant bunker and searchlight of later models.

Patron LoaderMech

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