Pegasus Utility Helicopter


Pegasus Utility Helicopter (4 tons)

Chassis : Pegasus Simple
Power Plant : 2/5 Gas Turbine
Cruise Speed : 105.6 kph (10)
Flank Speed : 165.9 kph (15)

Armor : MilCon Industrial (Armor Factor 8) : 0.5 tons
Front – 2
Right Side – 2
Left Side – 2
Rear – 2

Armament :
Passenger Bay (10 Infantry) : (Body)
Cargo Bay (200kgs) : (Body)

Manufacturer : Various
Communications System : Various
Targeting and Tracking System : Various

Note : 100,000 Cs : Military Coms (10 kms)



Pegasus VTOL in Peregrine Army Service

Overview : Widely used as a troop carrier and medevac helicopter in moderate-tech mercenary and regular forces battalions, the Pegasus is seen as a cheap means of making infantry units “Airborne”.

Capabilities : Typically using a crew of two (pilot and co-pilot), the Pegasus has a crew compartment for 10 passengers, and also deploys with an “observer” to ensure ease of departure and entry to the helicopter. Passenger seating is fairly rudimentary, but allows light cargo loads of up to 200kgs to be placed internally.

In military hands, the vehicles are usually deployed with Infantry Support MGs and two gunners to provide covering fire during missions, mounted sideways from the cargo doors. In lieu of internal cargo, the vehicle can carry lighter vehicles (such as a jeep) externally on a sling.

Deployment : Deployed as an organic aviation source for infantry at the squad level, these types of helicopters, are commonly and easily produced on most relatively modern technology worlds. Having been manufactured for centuries in basically an unchanged design, the vehicles are also popular in civilian hands as a rugged frontier helicopter for priority cargoes and leisure activities.


Husky Heavy Industries “Pegasus”, Infantry Transport Variant

Variants : In addition to the “Standard” version, Gunship models exist, mounting paired heavy MGs on its hard-points on either side of the fuselage above the landing gear, at the expense of internal passengers. Medevac versions remove the passenger seating for space dedicated to four stretchers to allow loading operations of wounded while under fire. Civilian versions are always unarmed and available through military charter.

* Husky Heavy Industries variant is a standard model of the VTOL, but is commonly stripped-down after sale to maximize transport capabilities and ease of access for infantry transport operations by its Terramatrix customers.

Pegasus Utility Helicopter

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