* The Blood Raiders

Independent Combined-Arms Company


The Blood Raiders – Combined-Arms Company / Green / Questionable

Initially designed as a loyal raiding force to act independent of * “The Iron Dingoes”, the Blood Raiders were built from a highly loyal collection of troopers and techs.


Officers : Leading the unit is the proficient Captain Valentina Masterson “Valentine”, a valued member of the unit since before its inception. Having acted as leader in various parts of the unit in the past, she was promoted to full Captain and given command largely as a reward for her long service to the unit. Her personal roster of kills is impressive, and she has displayed an interest in Tactics and Strategy that bodes well for her leadership. Above all other concerns, she is a mercenary, and values her position and the freedom it gives her.

LtSG Patrick Clooney “Shredder” is one of the most senior members of the unit, recruited early in the Dingoes history while on System – Claybrooke. A self-styled tactician, he studies history, tactics and is a good second-in-command to Valentine. He is well-liked by most other troopers, very unassuming, and known to be in a long-term relationship with Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus”.

Captain Abbey Chase “Peaches” was transferred into the unit after many years in the Dingoes security troops, and as one of the most veteran troopers in the unit has proven herself time and time again. Something of a daredevil, and best known for her off-duty exploits, she is also a serious commander of the unit’s infantry and trains them hard and constantly, to deploy as combined arms troopers and in support of the unit’s armor and Mechs.

Master Tech Vera Weatherly is assigned as the head of the unit’s administration, using her training as a manager and years of loyal service to best advantage to oversee the unit’s logistics and other less glamorous matters. She is the unit’s senior negotiator.

Scout Abigail Breslin “Winter” is assigned to the unit as a scout. Using a Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank, she provides much needed intel on their area of operations, but also has the private agenda of searching for LosTech under Iron Dingoes direct command.

Tactics : An independent company that values combined-arms tactics and mobility, the Blood Raiders are known for flank attacks and hit-and-run tactics. They do not engage in direct conflict, unless they know they have the advantage for the killing blow.

That said, the unit is still trying to come together, and spends much of its time training and engaging in mock battles. In particular, Captain Masterson has stressed stealth and speed as their primary skills, and is always looking to improve their ECM capabilities, and get the infantry full mobility as a mechanized force.

The unit’s infantry are considered “mechanized”, and work hard to act as support for the unit’s Mechs, deploying alongside both them and the unit’s armor. They train constantly to sharpen their abilities. The unit’s armor acts solely in support of its Mechs, using their missiles to their best advantage, traditionally through flanking attacks.

Support : Efforts are being made to make the unit completely independent from outside supply lines, so long-term acquisition of a full roster of techs, medical and logistical support is key these efforts. Technical personnel were assigned from various units, as well as a number of locally recruited mechanics as their core. These techs are sufficient to cover most unit demands, and make them less-dependent upon supplies than other units. This was by design. They also have a small administrative force assigned.

Further to ensuring the unit remains independent, they have been assigned a Merchant-Class JumpShip and a Lion-Class DropShip as support vessels for the unit, granting them free access to whatever contracts they might legally accept, and ample storage space for repairs, salvage and supplies.

The Raiders were assigned armor assets salvaged from combat operations, and its infantry comes primarily from the planetary recruitment efforts of 3022-23 trained at Fort Boomerang near Corazón Airfield. A battery of Light Utility Transports & MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns was formed from excess troopers and equipment, when the unit’s infantry changed over to jump troopers. It typically deploys near the DropShips as a reserve defensive force.

Equipped as typical for a Dingoes trooper, they were also assigned Jump Packs, giving them a skilled edge in contract negotiations, though the equipment remains new to them, and will require some training to perfect. They are led by the Veteran “Danger Girls”, one of the oldest (and best) infantry platoons in the Dingoes, who deploy as SRM-Infantry, equipped with numerous Heavy SRM Pack Launchers. Each unit also deploys a “Hellbender” jeep equipped with a SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle that acts as their command vehicle.

“The Blood Raiders”

- Blood Raider JumpShip Units -

Invader-Class JumpShip “The Mordred” – Unassigned (Green)

- Blood Raider AeroSpace Units -

Seeker-Class DropShip “Blood Rock”Commander Darryn Thane (Vet)
Lion-Class DropShip “Scotian Huntress”Commander Allison Cavanaugh (Reg)

- Blood Raider Support & Technical Group -

Operational Command and Communications (C&C) Group XXX
1 Command Van (Reg)
1 Tech Squad (Reg)
1 Scout Squad w/ Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank (Reg)

Marine Security Group “StarGuards”
3 “Hellbender” Jeeps (MG)
3 Squads Laser Marine Infantry (Reg)

Support Technical Group
1 Administrative Squad (Reg)
1 Mess Squad (Reg)
1 Housekeeping Squad (Green)

Field Medical Group
1 Medical Squad (Reg)

Ground Technical Group
20 Technical Squads (13 Reg, 7 Green)
Two (2) Heavy Industrial Exoskeletons

Field Salvage Technical Group
4 Technical Squads (2 Reg, 2 Green)
Two (2) Oshkosh A1 “Interstellar” Tank Transporters
Four (4) Heavy Industrial Exoskeletons

- Blood Raider Mech Forces -

WVR-6R Wolverine “Stumbling Buffalo”Captain Valentina Masterson “Valentine” (Reg)
OTL-4D Ostsol “Jaeger”LtSG Patrick Clooney “Shredder” (Vet)
GRF-1N GriffinMechWarrior Cooper Hawkes “Stomper” (Reg)
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk “Da Bitch”MechWarrior Thomas O’Brien (Reg)

WVR-6R WolverineLtJG Nick Clooney “Gunman” (Vet)
OTL-4D Ostsol XXXTrooper Lepa Polczyk (Reg)
GRF-1N GriffinMechWarrior Paul Wang “Joker” (Reg)
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk “Heart Breaker”MechWarrior Teresa Agnes (Reg)

- Blood Raider Armor Forces -

J Edgar Light Hover Tank – (Green)
J Edgar Light Hover Tank – (Green)
Harasser Missile Platform – (Reg)
Harasser Missile Platform – (Green)

- Blood Raider Infantry Forces -

Command (Mechanized) Infantry Platoon “Danger Girls”
Maxim Hover Transport – (Reg)
2 Squads SRM Infantry (2 Vet)
2 Squads Rifle Infantry (Vet, Reg)

24th (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
“Hellbender” Jeep (MG) w/ SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle (Green)
3 Rifle Jump Infantry Squads (2 Reg, Green)

33rd (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
“Hellbender” Jeep (MG) w/ SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle (Green)
3 Rifle Jump Infantry Squads (3 Reg)

35th (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
“Hellbender” Jeep (MG) w/ SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle (Green)
3 Rifle Jump Infantry Squads (2 Reg, Green)

Guards Artillery/Air Defense Company XXX

- 1st Battery -
Four (4) Light Utility Transports w/ MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns
4 Rifle Infantry Squads (3 Reg, Green)

-2nd Battery -
Four (4) Fledermaus Air Defense Systems (Reg, 3 Green)


Designed first in May of 3022, the Blood Raiders was a concept in the minds of the unit since early 3017.

In mid-3023, the unit was assigned its first Mechs and pilots, and its leadership given over to Captain Valentina Masterson “Valentine”. Future personnel were also chosen, but actual assignments were slated to wait for the return of * “The Dead Man’s Hand” in late-3023.

When the DMH returned, many of its veteran troops and techs were reassigned to the Blood Raiders, giving them a working platform for actively taking contracts and fulfilling its mandate. A large force of technicians, mostly mechanics from the local 3021-22 recruitment efforts, was assigned in late-3023, in time for the unit to engage in Contract – Operation : “Shake-Down” and deploy in the System – Panpour.

In late-3024, the unit received an overhaul with conversion of the infantry to “Jump” troops, and the reassignment of new JumpShip and DropShip assets. Its excess equipment was transferred to * “The Fold Fiends”, along with some other personnel and DropShip assets. The unit returned in early-3025, with an early release from their contract, they brought word that House Davion was engaged in organizing some sort of “war games”. The potential for contracts was rising.

In late-3025, the unit secured a long-term retainer/pirate-hunting contract with the Federated Suns, Contract – Operation : “Wait-and-See”, and traveled to set-up in System – Malagrotta to begin their task. The unit was actively engaged in patrolling the world, and met no pirate encounters during their time under contract. Rumors persisted that the strong pirate force of Indro the Lightless had since moved on into The Tortuga Dominions for a time, eventually passing off towards the Outworld’s Alliance seeking less dangerous prey.

Finishing their contract and returning to System – Dumassas, they spent a couple months in downtime, and then followed orders to travel to System – Montour and begin searching for salvage in the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. Equipped with the veteran Captain Vesna Clamp, his crew and ship, as well as the supporting assistance of the 10th Marines “The Beltstrikers” Platoon as close guards. The unit was given six months of supplies and the project code-named “Operation : Urban Jack”, with a mandate to salvage whatever they could. In late-March, the unit departed the system, not expecting to return until early 3029.

The unit returned to System – Dumassas dragging along “The Cutter” and the “Meteor” by May of 3029, having experienced problems with the Liberty-Class JumpShip along the way. The unit took the chance for a few months of downtime in their cantonments at Garrison, before awaiting orders for their next activities.

* The Blood Raiders

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