Poker Cerveza Taverna



Poker Cerveza Taverna : Three retired soldiers from * “The Iron Dingoes” Force Recon (“Snow Demons” Gamma Platoon) have combined their savings to purchase the remnants of a small (defunct) brewery from Ciudad Garcia, and have claimed an abandoned warehouse and neighboring civilian house to open a microbrewery.

Their concentration on a single malted beverage, has allowed them to produce a large quantity of beer under their label, and is increasingly popular among locals. Their tavern also sells simple local fair, such as toasted tortilla, roast sausages and chicken soups. Their specialty has proven to be fine chicken and beef Empanadas, and fruit deserts.



Known as “Poker Cerveza Taverna”, they are planning to produce a pale lager. Their personal recipe makes for a light, crisp beer noted for using rice in its manufacture, and is well-liked during the heat of the day. Producing 12 barrels every month, they only sell their brew in-house at their own tavern, or in rare metal casks manufactured by Mercado’s canning factory.

It is proving to be a very popular local brand, especially with the reduction of beer production from the Aguila Cerveza brewery in San Succi. As their production improves, bottling of their product is a possibility through Mercado.

Poker Cerveza Taverna

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