EVA Suits - "Prometheus Class"

Civilian EVA Suits


The Prometheus EVA Suit, is a fairly standard civilian space suit, granted light armor and doubling as a light hostile environment suit in need.

Equipment Rating : C-C-C
BAR : 1/3/1/2
Cost/Patch : 6000/20
AFF : -
Mass : 14 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : Encumbering; May be sealed in Hostile Environments (provides 48-hours life support); Military Comm w/ 10km range (1 PPH); AV 8 vs Flash.

Variants : Common additions to the suit include Jump Packs for 0-G maneuvers and boarding efforts, and “Chameleon” variants, adding stealth equipment to allow Special Ops.

Jump Packs : This modification adds cost, weight and encumbrance, but allows units to deploy away from small craft and space vessels for short distances. Vital for assaulting DropShips and JumpShips.

Equipment Rating : D-A-C
BAR : 2/2/2/2
Cost/Patch : 3200
AFF : -
Mass : 30 kg
Coverage : Head, Arms, Legs, Torso

Notes : Encumbering; 1000 Fuel Points; 2 pts burned per 1m of flight. Max Flight = 150m per turn. Jump Mode: 150m max jump per turn (5 pts fuel burned per jump); Acrobatics/Freefall Skill to launch, land and jump.

Chameleon : A modification for Combat Environment Suits, is the popular “Chameleon” modification. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors; something very important to space-born assault troops. Known to techs as a “Chill Can”, the item also allows the suit to provide excellent protection in cold weather environments.

Equipment Rating : D-D-D
BAR : -/2/1/2
Cost/Patch : 7500
AFF : -
Mass : 5 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : E/I/C – 6/6/4; Requires addition of an HC power pack (1 pt per 15 mins active).


The “Prometheus” EVA Suit, is an up-armored civilian suit, that was acquired by the Sangrian government for its own exo-planetary operations. The suit was initially acquired by the Sangrian government as surplus from Von-Doom’s markets, but they were deemed unsuitable for their operations and sold at cost back on the open market. The suits had, however, been cannibalized of their oxygen tanks. The Iron Dingoes purchased several tons of them (amounting to nearly 250 suits), in an effort to get exo-suits for their unit training and marines.

The Prometheus EVA Suit is a fairly traditional space suit, made from a flexible sheath of ballistic cloth and rubberized synthetic shell. Although originally designed as a light hostile environment suit, and protecting as such, the suit has been modified with proper seals and light ceramic armor to protect individuals from vacuum.

The original manufacturers built the suits for the science market, and they have a certain appeal among scientists and civilians for their utility and protection. The light armor built into them has also granted the wearer a better chance in dangerous environments, though obviously not in direct combat. The suit can, however, be upgraded similar to a combat environment suit, and easily can apply standard combat accessories (such as the Chameleon and Jump Packs modifications).

EVA Suits - "Prometheus Class"

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