* Military Headquarters Randgeriz

Military Headquarters of Gollere


The hub of military operations across * Duchy of Tharn, Randgeriz is a military commune located amid a wooded area on the outskirts of the region’s capital. Known informally as Fort Amatrian in honor of General Amatrian who was responsible for the restructuring of the region’s military, and establishing the site as its headquarters some 100+ years ago.

On March 5th, 3026, the facility came under the direct control of * “The Iron Dingoes”, and the * Tharn Iron Legions came under the direct control of the * Duchy of Tharn, and Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” as the Duke of Tharn. Operations continue much as before, though the Iron Dingoes have hinted as to a series of reforms regarding the military of the nation.


Within its walls, lies the region’s command staff, its offices and planning areas, training grounds, armory for weapons and munitions storage, high-priority maintenance, and other important military matters. Many officers have their families residing within the walls of the town, making its strategic value incomprehensible to the region’s defense.

Within the main Grand Palace are barracks, the military hospital and various relaxation facilities for the officers of the realm’s military. A small branch of the * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions is stationed here as well, who consult with the military on new designs for equipment and weapons. A small cohort of mechanics and engineers from this company are present to consult with the command councils regarding new designs and problems troops in the field might encounter, and all hold military ranks in the * Tharn Iron Legions. The place tends to see activity at all hours of the day.


Traditional Flag of Randgeriz

The town of Randgeriz is an ancient place, and is a complete military community serving the needs and wants of the region’s military. Laundries, taverns and other important services are offered the locals, and the community also provides many luxury items to the well-paid military officers of the Legions and their families. Protected by detachments from the regular military units, its fortified walls are guarded by some of the best troopers of the Legion. Given its numerous activities and administration with off-world military concerns, it is perhaps the location on the planet most typical of “Dingoes” settlements.

Of other importance, the * Fraternal Iron Dingoes Organization (FIDO) has become an important fixture in Randgeriz, and operates as the headquarters of the volunteers among the military and their dependents. The membership in the community is fairly extensive, with the Iron Dingoes FIDO outreach program affecting many of the neighboring civilian communities. Also, the traditional Iron DIngoes child educational program, * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, has been adapted in various forms, though not to the extent that it is used in Iron Dingoes landholds in System – Dumassas. It nonetheless has a notable influence in the local community.


The Grand Palace


The Grand Palace is as old as the nation of Tharn itself, and has long been at the center of military culture in the region. The place has facilities to command and control all the * Tharn Iron Legions in the field, though it is based on a very low level of technology, and lacks modern hardened radio and satellite communications, as well as the amenities of what an Inner Sphere military might usually refer to as “modern” barracks.

Nonetheless, it has a large gardens and is host to many local pieces of military artwork, most of which commemorate famous generals and war heroes of years past. As expected, it is a popular place for officers to meet over a quick game of chess or other activity to discuss strategy and tactics.

The Audience Hall within the Grand Palace is an ostentatious place of sweeping walls and high ceilings that is used to commemorate acts of bravery and honor war heroes. It is also used to gather the assembled staff for grand dinners with their consorts, and has been known to host many military balls that invite the elite of Tharn to attend.

Training Field : The Training Field area is where troops stationed in Randgriz maintain their integrity as a military force, practicing with their rifles and other equipment as required. Physical fitness activities are popular, including sometime impromptu games of soccer or horse races.

War Cemetery : A calm cemetery with lines of gravestones, the War Cemetery is located outside the town walls, but represents the place where the military inters its honored dead.

* Military Headquarters Randgeriz

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