Rim AeroSpace

Agricultural Megacorporation


A major corporation in the Hyades Rim and nearby sectors of the Periphery, Rim AeroSpace provides valuable equipment and technology for the maintenance of life support systems in the region. Today, the company is best known for its unglamorous, but profitable ration food packs, food and waste recyclers, and air scrubbers.

Trade Symbol : TharFoCo
Home Office : System – Tharrill
President/CEO : Elias Wintergreen
Founding Date : February 4th, 2649.

Although they produce various life support systems as their main industrial efforts, the majority of their trade is in bulk food and related products, such as bottled oxygen and water. Their motto is “We aim to improve your Ride”.

Rim Aerospace is thus best known for its Bulk Life Support Supplies. Sold in single ton lots, the Standard-Class includes bottled air and water, along with food, recycling spares (filters and common parts), and a handful of luxuries. They cost 12,500Cs per ton, and cover 350 man-days (50 weeks) of independent supply for most ship’s systems. Alternatively, an Economy-Class version can be purchased to provide 420 man-days (60 weeks) of “economy” rations (tasteless glop, but a lot more air and water) for 12,000Cs. Also, a High-Class version is available, (with more luxuries than the standard version, but otherwise identical) for 15,750Cs per ton.

Rim AeroSpace introduced its “Standard 4-Day Ration Pack" on the market in 3021. Called an S4DP, these packs have proven popular in supporting military forces across the sector, and are one of their primary source of new revenue for the corporation. Each contains four 1-litre bottles of water with filters and a pack of purification tablets for reuse. Allegedly it also contains the nutritional requirements of one person for four days in the form of ration bars and powdered food-like substances. The S4RP sells for 25Cs each and weigh about 5 kgs.

The S4RP has a hot meal, several cold-meal components and two “luxury” items for each day of use. All are edible. The hot meal is usually a soup or stew in various, odd flavours. The box it comes in is self-heating, though it doesn’t work very reliably. The cold meal portions are savoury ration bars that require excessive chewing and soaking to soften, though some are sweet, soft and marshmallow-like. Sometimes it is wafers with a jelly-like dipping sauce, that has proven very popular. The luxury items are typically fruit flakes, nuts or chocolates in small packages. Despite the generally unappetizing nature of most of the _S4RP_s, the truth is, its better than most you find on the market; almost the best really. Probably the reason they remain increasingly popular.


An ancient concern, the company has its origins in the Tharill Food Cooperative, the original source of the planet’s single government formation. During the following years, with off-world support from its parent state of the Principality of Carthage, the company grew and diversified into the packaging of its food for off-world export. Within a hundred years, at the height of the Star League, the company had purchased various smaller firms and united with its counter-part on Anatar to form a new company, Rim AeroSpace, though it kept the original ticker of TharFoCo.

By its height in 2756, the company was manufacturing various products for the support of the AeroSpace industry, including a range of accessories and components, such as starship iris airlocks and cargo modules. They also developed many privately licensed fluidics systems for air, water and plumbing recycling, which remain popular to this day. Chances are, if you’ve ever taken a shower on a Periphery station, you’ve used a Rim AeroSpace product.

Rim AeroSpace also constructed small orbital habitats and small craft, becoming a valuable shipbuilder and built licensed versions of the traditional K-1 DropShuttle, and both LR and SR Shuttles. When the Red Plague struck the system, the company expended and lost half its resources with the fall of Anatar, and abandoned its ship-building efforts to concentrate on what it did well; life support equipment and foodstuffs.

The company has begun to develop its own line of vacuum suits, hostile environment suit and XTC Combat Suits, which are quickly finding a market and proving popular. Their S4RPs are also a growing popular export item, seeing traction in the border regions with the Federated Suns. The company’s revenue is determined by trade volume in the Outrim Void and Hyades March, so it (and the planet government) supports wide-spread and unrestricted trade across the sectors.

Rim AeroSpace

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