Rockhopper Exploration

Resource Exploration Company


Rockhopper Exploration is a shell company for * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, providing cover for its operations under the guise of its original mandate as a resource exploration company. Although lacking some degree of assets, the build-up of this organization is an important goal for the organization.


The company has little infrastructure or few personnel at this time, but operates under its cover mandate for the time being, while rebuilding. Its CEO is presently Senior Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero.

The following assets have been assigned to it as it develops.

One (1) Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle (Green)
Two (2) Cormorant Medium Cargo WiGEs (2 Green)
One (1) Aquarius Research Submarine (Unassigned)
One (1) Ferret Light Scout VTOL (Green)
One (1) Pegasus Utility Helicopter (Green)

Two (2) “Desert Iris” Jeeps
One (1) Light Utility Transport
Three (3) MT-1B Light Troop Carriers

2 Administrative Squads (2 Reg)
2 Technical Squads (2 Reg)
2 Engineering Squads (Reg, Green)

Thirty (30) Pre-Fab Emergency Housing Units (Environmental Seals, Capable of holding a platoon of troops or techs : 6 tons each -100,000 Cs per)
One (1) Pre-Fab Emergency Galley Unit (Environmental Seals – Capable of feeding a complete regiment : 100 tons – 250,000 Cs).
One (1) Large Pre-Fab Vehicle Storage Facility (Environmental Seals – Capable of housing up to twelve light vehicles : 100 tons – 250,000 Cs).
One (1) Electric Cell Bay (Environmental Seals – Storage Facility for electrical charges : 100 tons – 250,000 Cs)
Five (5) Civilian Solar Panel Units (100,000 Cs per)
Two (2) Civilian Wind Electrical Generator Units (100,000 Cs per)



Rockhopper Exploration Depot, Isla Brasilera

“Rockhopper Exploration” was primarily a resource exploration company that specialized in petrochemicals. They had been in operation since 3013, and though the bulk of their assets were located in The Federative Republic of San Marcos, they maintained a private compund on Islas Brasilera. They were known to have a handful of small ships from which they operated helicopters, WIGEs and research submarines.

None of the extensive organization survived the civil wars of 3025, and the only notable assets remaining were located in the depot on Isla Brasilera. The company attracted few of its former agents or assets back into its fold initially, but an advertisement campaign was able to lure a handful of former employees back during late-3025 and early-3026, most of whom had been located in The Independent Territory of Borealis.

In late-3024, the company was taken over by * “The Iron Dingoes”, who absorbed its surviving assets and personnel, in an effort to develop a shell company for its intelligence service in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”. Presently the “Dent des Chien” (French : “The Hound’s Fangs” ) network of the intelligence service uses Rockhopper as its cover, and continues to train new agents and rebuild.

In late-3025, the organization was assigned a salvaged Aquarius Research Submarine to provide oceanic exploration services to the company. For the month of December, the submarine was used by Senior Tech (Research) Sarah “Sharkey” Richmond to conduct “scientific research” along the southern reaches of the Atlantis Ocean. Also, the organization’s Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle began operating in the system’s trojan asteroid fields, in an effort to try and investigate The Trojan Dominion of Cortez. About a year later, the Seeker was instrumental in making contact with the people of Cortez, and the unit’s chief intelligence asset began official trade talks with that nation-state’s council, to provide rare minerals to its manufacturing interests.

In late-3027, the company was equipped with three (3) MT-1B Light Troop Carriers and a supply of 500 Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suits, and further equipped with a plethora of environmental gear for establishing a temporary base in any harsh environment. The company is presently engaged in organizing for a potential salvage operation of the irradiated starport in System – Pa’an, which will demand much of their effort and personnel.

In early-3028, the company was contacted by The Trojan Dominion of Cortez to broach the topic of trade with their allied Iron Dingoes holdings, and Senior Tech (Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos was integral in beginning negotiations with that isolated community. As a result of those negotiations, Cortez has since formally entered The Commonwealth of Nations as an observer nation. Today, Rockhopper is a welcome sight among the Dominion territories, and has developed a distant, though friendly relationship with the asteroid miners.

Rockhopper Exploration

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