RPG-7H Launcher

Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher


Rocket launcher is the term for any weapon that fires a rocket-propelled projectile at a target, and is a common name for a device that launches a rocket-propelled weapon which is small enough to be carried by a single person, and fired while held on one’s shoulder. Often referred to as a “Recoilless Rifle”, rocket launchers are a popular form of adding some “knock-out” value to a typical infantry squad. The weapons using a larger projectile as ammunition are called missile launchers.

The RPG-H7 is a uniquely designed weapon made from cast-off parts from various sources, and is able to fire standard 40mm rocket propelled grenades (or RPGs) which can be produced in most workshops and munitions plants throughout the Periphery. A clone of the popular RPG-7, an ancient and still deadly Terran design, it is still found in militia armories across the Inner Sphere. The RPG-7H is a crude weapon by modern infantry standards, but still cheap and very effective in the right hands.

Equipment Rating : C-B-A
AP/BD : 6X/10A
Range : 50/180/375/600
Shots : 1
Cost/Reload : 300/20
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 8.5kg/600g

Notes : Encumbering; Back-Blast 2m; Damage and stats listed are for a standard HE shell; other shell types are possible, but rarely used.


Though most RPG-7s can be traced to its origins in the 20th Century conflicts on Terra, the design has proven effective and popular and is still produced across the Inner Sphere. The RPG-7H was a “home-made” design built by numerous revolutionaries during the Resource Wars immediately following the fall of the Star League. Though there is no ome single version of the weapon, the RPG-7H produced on Dunkelheim is efficient and uses numerous parts from its own version of BM-118 assault rifle, such as trigger mechanism, springs and sights. As long as its user remembers its short-comings, it can still prove deadly against Mechs and vehicles.

RPG-7H Launcher

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