Sangrian Naval Command

Combined Naval Forces of Sangria


Sangrian Naval Command represents the riverine and space naval forces of The Republic of Sangria. Originally tasked with protecting its rivers, lakes and coasts from pirate and foreign attacks, it has since expanded into a small flotilla of space-born shuttles to attempt orbital anti-piracy operations. Of all the military forces in Sangria, the Naval Command force is possibly the most independent, due primarily to its need for far-ranging strikes across the nation.

In addition to its access to various transport helicopters and other air vehicles, it also has a small flotilla of ships (primarily several ancient Monitor Naval Vessels), scattered around the nation.

Its personnel are divergent, with the military arm, consisting of the Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion – “The Wild Cats”, occupying the vast majority of its manpower. It also maintains formal naval personnel of around 120 sailors and pilots, 50 officers, and another 30 various personnel in training. Also, another 60 civilians hold technical, administrative and medical positions within Naval Command.



The Almirante Padilla

Formally created in 2948 as an oversight organization for the burgeoning marine forces in Sangrian control, the Naval Command became the nation’s personal naval force. It operated the nation’s boats and coastal defenses, and administered the marine forces growing in importance to Sangrian developmental efforts.

It operated much the same for decades, with only the addition of two DropShuttles to its forces requiring an administrative change in its operations in 2972.

Once based from the training base in the Villavicencio suburbs of Covenas, Naval Command has access to an advanced sub-orbital communications system, in addition to a hub for military communications across the nation. In addition, there was a small naval supply depot located at this position, and an airfield for basic maintenance of the assets assigned to its control.

The unit moved its assets and HQ from Villavicencio during the civil conflict in May of 3021, to The District of Garcia. It has established a small marine supply depot in Ciudad Garcia where they also store their DropShuttles (at the local drop-port), and their main HQ and communications hub in the town of Melang along the eastern shore. The unit is under the organizational command of Colonel Adam Ocelot “Black Panther”.

In early-3026, the two remaining Monitors and their marines from The District of Cauca, came back under the command of this organization. In early-March- 3026, the former San Marcos fleet surrendered to Sangrian naval authorities in The (Territorial) District of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, greatly bolstering the Sangrain Navy into the largest wet navy on the planet. In 3027, the Ice Patrol Ship “Almirante Maximiano” formally joined the Sangrian navy, but continues to operate in the St. Helena region, providing supply transfers and a permanent naval presence in the territory.

Military Forces : A strong presence of support personnel is present at the base’s HQ in Melang, along with its dependents. In addition to the four companies of Marines (both Space and Riverine), the forces under Naval Command include the following :

Infantry (Marines) :
Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion – “The Wild Cats”

Navy (AeroSpace) :
Two (2) K-1 Class Dropshuttles, the “Antioquia” and the “Independiente”. (Reg, Green)

Navy (Water) :
Ten (10) Monitor Naval Vessels “Cabo Corrientes”, “Cabo Manglares”, “Cabo Tiburon”, “Cabo de la Vela”, “Valle del Cauca”, “San Andrés”, “Espartana”, “Orinoco”, “Caquetá”, and “Quitasueño” (Elite, 6 Vet, 3 Reg, Green).
Two (2) Silverfin Patrol Cutters “de Julio” and “de Agosto” (2 Reg).
Two (2) Patrol Cutters; the “Caoclo”, and the “Macaé” (2 Green).
One (1) Advanced Frigate; the “Almirante Padilla” (Regular).
One (1) Frigate “Constituição” (Green).
One (1) Frigate “Pará” (Green).
One (1) Frigate “Paraíba” (Reg).
One (1) Ice Patrol Ship “Almirante Maximiano” (Reg).
One (1) Swiftsure-Class Nuclear Submarine “Tikuna” (Green).
One (1) Replenishment Ship “Almirante Gastão Motta” (Vet).

1st Combat (Naval) Air Wing : “Viento de Hoja” (Spanish : Leaf on the Wind) (La Centra)
111st Combat (Naval) Air Squadron “Lightning” – 4 Angel Light Strike Fighters (4 Green)
112th Combat (Naval) Air Squadron “Thunder” – 4 M8-53 Sea Stallions (Reg, 3 Green).

The 2100-ton “Almirante Padilla” was refurbished and returned to Sangrian control in mid-3023, and is in top-notch condition, though initially serving with a skeleton and inexperienced crew. With the retirement of the Minas Gerais in late-3030, the vessel became the fleet flagship, and the vessel was considered the pride of the fleet.

The bulk of the wet navy; its three other frigates, the replenishment ship, the “Tikuna”, originate from the remnants of the San Marcos naval fleet, with relatively inexperienced crews, but a willingness to support their new home. Most are in good condition, but are somewhat aged; the “Minas Gerais” was retired in late-3030, transferring much of its crew and assets over to other commands. Plans are to retire the “Pará” once the carrier has been scrapped.

In addition, the Navy (Wet) has two (2) light attack submarines (the “Triunfante” and the “Emprendedora” ) stored in mothballs at Ciudad Garcia. There is talk of activating the Emprendedora, using some of the crew from the Tikuna, but it is increasingly likely both vessels will simply be scrapped for parts.

Sangrian Naval Command

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