* "Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre"

Detached Infantry Training Company


Formed originally from volunteers and assigned Jannisary forces, the Sangrian Training Company was a detached force from * “The Cerberus Command” assigned to act as a training force under contract with the Sangrian Government on System – Dumassas.

Originally led by Captain Jerri Holden, she had taken her platoon of experienced security and line troopers along with a pair of “militia” platoons to train the government forces located in the national capital in combined-arms operations. Assisting her was Lieutenant SG Grant Burke “Sabre”, whose professionalism assisted in fulfilling their contract. They were contracted for a complete year, as a Static Defense Mission (Cadre) Contract – Operation : “Show-and-Tell”. They fulfilled the contract honorably.

The unit’s composition at this time was as follows.

Delta Perimeter Security Platoon “The Last Bastion”
1 Hover APC (MG) – (Regular)
1 Squad Support MG (Veteran)
3 Squads Rifle Infantry (2 Regular, Green)

2nd Militia Platoon “Star’s Reach Militia”
“Desert Iris” Jeep (MG)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (2 Regular, 2 Green)

3rd Militia Platoon “Black Tower Militia”
“Desert Iris” Jeep (MG)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (2 Regular, 2 Green)

In early 3023, the unit was rebuilt using the veteran 6th Marines “The Star Talons” as leadership, and placing three very green recruit platoons under them as a training force. The force began training as marines while the unit performed its cadre duties on The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, under the semi-permanent Static Defense Mission (Cadre) Contract – Operation : “Ocean Breeze”.

The green militia units also deployed with EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class”, and L2 “Maser” Laser Assault Rifles to begin training as marines. In addition, the unit brought a number of Sea Shark personal watercraft, and MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns for defensive purposes. The unit scrounged a Combat Engineering Vehicle from the unit’s equipment reserves, and also deployed with a Field Comm Kit, Advanced and a Military Comm Hub. Following their encounter with the Tragnar Marine Battalion , in late-3024, they also began deploying SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifles at the platoon level, for mobile, anti-tank firepower, and were issued a set of RC-SH01 “Bulwark” Ballistic Riot Shields and Stun Batons.

Command of the unit after November, 3023 was taken over by the 9th Marines “The Ironclad”, replacing the 6th Marines for an operation off-world.

At present the unit consists of the following forces, roughly a company in size, with air-mobile and mechanized support, various anti-tank guns and an attached scout. The troops have been trained in marine (space) tactics, and is equipped with second-line EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class”, and L2 “Maser” Laser Assault Rifles. They lack combat experience in these operations, but can provide marine support at one level less than their listed experience level at need. Each sub-unit has experience in training, and can operate as a cadre force, and are equipped with RC-SH01 “Bulwark” Ballistic Riot Shields and Stun Batons for riot control duties.

The core three (3) platoons took over training at Corazón Airfield’s Fort Boomerang, and are presently leading training operations among the newest Dingoes recruits.


Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Company (3028)

Scout Group
1 Scout w/ Wheeled Scout Car (Reg)

Air Transport Lance
Two (2) ST-8M Samsons (2 Reg)

21st (Mechanized) Militia Platoon “Breakthrough”
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
One (1) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Gun
One (1) SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle
Four (4) Ignis Infantry Support Tanks – (3 Reg, Green)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (4 Reg)

22nd (Mechanized) Militia Platoon “Bullet Spitters”
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
One (1) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Gun
One (1) SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle
Four (4) Ignis Infantry Support Tanks – (Vet, Reg, Green)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (3 Vet, Reg)

23rd (Mechanized) Militia Platoon “Green Jackets”
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
One (1) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Gun
One (1) SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle
Four (4) Ignis Infantry Support Tanks – (2 Reg, Green)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (Vet, 3 Reg)


Having spent some time on-planet during a very “Easy Ticket”, the unit slowly expanded to four full-strength platoons, and a couple of the squads had even improved their quality. Captain Paula “Kaliente” Perez and Major Abelinda Rivera rose to lead the Militia elements of the unit.

At the start of 3021, the unit was folded officially back into * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, and took over the infantry portion of that unit’s last contract on Terramatrix.

In 3023, the company was reborn as a garrison/cadre force for The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, and began operations under Contract – Operation : “Ocean Breeze”. It was placed under the temporary command of LtSG Trooper Shiv “The Knife”, acting as a (Brevet) Captain in his role. It was hoped the unit could slowly raise a force of reserve military troopers for defense of the island archipelago if required.

In late-3023, the 9th Marines took command of the company, relieving the Talons for deployment in Contract – Operation : “Where the Wild Things Are”. The contract was extended to February 3026, while the unit trained a replacement militia reserve for the new district, the 12th (Air-Mobile) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “The Krakens”.

In mid-3024, the entire unit came under attack at the height of the district elections for governor in the early morning hours of September 1st, 3024. The attacking force, a collection of infantry, armor and Mechs attempted to seize the airfield they were guarding, but failed to secure the sites fuel reserves, or completely scout the facility. The unit salvaged a Wheeled Scout Car, as well as three immobile J Edgar Light Hover Tanks and dug-in deeper, adding some defenses and expecting the worst, for the next assault, arriving about an hour later.

Overhead, an air war began between the Iron Dingoes defensive AeroFighter contingent from “The Factory”, assisted by the AeroFighters and gunboats from “Azrael’s Dagger”, against the six Corsairs defending the air space above the island. Meanwhile, the “Spearhead” gathered its contingent of Jannisaries from nearby Camp Boomerang, and within half-an-hour was launched and burning in a sub-orbital drop to bring troops through the air war to help defend the airfield and islands. The dogfight went well, though at the cost of several gunships and lighter AeroFighters. With the defending Corsairs removed, the AroFighters held airspace and allowed the Condor-class DropShip to slip through the cordon and land its cargo of troops. Supported by two companies of Iron Dingoes militia, they quickly established a line along the edge of the airfield, dug-in their anti=-armor guns and readied their reserve forces for the coming fight… The Small War had begun.

Over the next few minutes, the entire Marine Assault Battalion from The Tragnar Confederation moved through the city south of the airfield, and took up positions opposite the defenders across the main street, firing as they went, deploying their SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifles in key positions and supported by a four Galleon Light Tanks.

The next minute was a brutal firefight across the street, with attrition mounting on both sides, until finally the marines made a final push across the street, though at great cost. Eventually, most of their units torn apart, they surrendered, and the attack on the airfield was ended, with some 40 captured infantry and another 40 wounded, with the remainder retreating back through the city to the docks. Tragnar halted their invasion, and the Company had been victorious, though with some loss of life. As an aftermath following the attack, the value of combat support weapons for the infantry was proven, as was the need for mechanized units, that could take the brunt of an attack and keep the fight moving. During the week that followed, the unit deployed the SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifles captured from the Tragnar Marine Battalion, and spent their spare time assisting local civil authorities remove the rubble and clear the streets.

The unit’s fight on San Andrés displayed the value of anti-armor assets, regardless of how simple, in defending against armor and BattleMech forces. Among Iron Dingoes infantry assets, acquisition of a couple “large guns” became all the rage during the latter portion of 3024, as the Small War heated up and its Line forces began raging across the planet on missions to bring its enemies to heel. Practically every infantry platoon in the unit began sporting a recoilless rifle or anti-tank gun. The unit was also granted a pair of ST-8M Samsons taken as salvage from Islas Brasilera as 3024 ended, making it air-mobile.

For the next several years, the Sangrian Training Cadre served to bolster the defenses of San Andrés, and built-up the militia battalion therein, until its contract, Contract – Operation : “Ocean Breeze” in the middle of February, 3028. The unit stood-down for a month, using the facilities at nearby * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa for some much needed R&R, before reporting to full duty once more at * Landhold : Garrison. The unit’s marine leadership was detached for off-world duties, but the remainder were then tasked with taking over the training at Corazón Airfield, until further notice.

The unit was “loaned” to Sangrian Army Command, in an effort to bring the 5th “Royal” (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Swords of Sangria” up to a better combat standard, and detached several of its trainers as required throughout 3028. During this period, usually at least one platoon was busy conducting training operations.

* "Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre"

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