"Scotian Huntress"

Rare Combined Arms/Assault DropShip


“Scotian Huntress” – Lion-Class DropShip

Type : Military Spheroid
Use : Troop Carrier
Tech : Inner Sphere
Introduced : 2595
Mass : 7300 tons

Length : 92.0 m
Width : 92.0 m
Height : 95.0 m

Drive System : Star League LVN-10 (Fusion)
Fuel : 210 tons
Tons/Burn-Day : 1.84
Safe Thrust : 4
Maximum Thrust : 6
Heat Sinks : 113
Structural Integrity : 14

Armor : Inner Sphere Standard (45.5 tons)
Fore : 220
Wings : 191
Aft : 166

Cargo :
Bay 1 : Mechs (8) – 2 Doors
Bay 2 : Vehicles (12 Light) – 2 Doors
Bay 3 : Infantry (4 Foot Platoons) – 1 Door
Bay 4 : Cargo (2225.5 tons) : 1 Door

Crew : 40 : 9 Officers, 31 Enlisted, 9 Gunners, 188 Bay Personnel.
Base Crew : Bridge 1p+1e; Engine 1e+1e.
Escape Pods : 10
Life Boats : -

Ammunition : 144 Rounds LRM-20 Ammo (24 tons), 192 Rounds LRM-15 Ammo (24 tons), 180 Rounds SRM-6 Ammo (12 tons).

Nose (56 Heat)
4 Large Lasers : 5(52)-3(32)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
2 LRM-20 (48 Rounds) : 2(24)-2(24)-2(24)-0 : LRM
FL/FR (56 Heat)
4 Large Lasers : 5(52)-3(32)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
2 LRM-20 (48 Rounds) : 2(24)-2(24)-2(24)-0 : LRM
AL/AR (40 Heat)
2 LRM-15 (64 Rounds) : 2(18)-2(18)-2(18)-0 : LRM
2 Large Lasers : 3(36)-2(16)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
2 SRM-6s (60 Rounds) : 2(16)-0-0-0 : SRM
Aft (40 Heat)
2 LRM-15 (64 Rounds) : 2(18)-2(18)-2(18)-0 : LRM
2 Large Lasers : 3(36)-2(16)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
2 SRM-6s (60 Rounds) : 2(16)-0-0-0 : SRM

Notes : 579.5 Million Cs.



One of the oldest DropShip designs, the venerable Lion-Class DropShip first appeared in 2595. Designed as a Star League combined arms troop transport, it is still one of the oldest designs still in use today. The Lion has served throughout the Inner Sphere up to the Amaris Civil War, when many of the remaining vessels left with the Exodus Fleet. Heavy fighting during the Succession Wars has reduced the number of vessels still in service in the 31st Century to just a mere handful remaining in the fleets of the Successor States.

Most of the vessels have since had their high-tech systems stripped for other more “important” vessels, but the ship still boasts an impressive array of weapons and armor, nearly as strong as a standard “assault” DropShip. Long-range firepower is provided by numerous Large Lasers, LRM-15 and LRM-20 racks. Short-range firepower adds Medium Lasers and SRM-6 racks. In addition, ample storage for ammunition is made available to ensure long-term independence from supply lines. The ship’s armor is impressive, sitting at 45.5 tons total.

Outfitted with three Transport Bays, the Lion has a total cargo capacity of 2425 tons. The first is a Mech bay designed to carry eight Mechs, which can enter and exit through two access bay doors. No provision is made for orbital deployment of its Mechs. The second bay is given over to a company of twelve light vehicles following a matching layout. The last bay is concerned with supplies and storage, offering space for standard cargo storage, with a single door.

The “Scotian Huntress” is a venerable vessel with its origins in the Star League. Passed down the centuries from mercenary company to mercenary company, until it fell into the hands of the Darkstar Recon Company. A combined-arms mercenary troop, the DRC met marginal contracts, but their possession of the “Scotian Huntress” always gave them a home, and the ability to follow contracts as they presented themselves.

Taking a raid contract with The Tragnar Confederation‘s opening salvos of the so-called “Small War”, they met their first real resistance, as the local marine units had been quietly bolstered with Ignis Infantry Support Tanks and MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns, which decimated their infantry and armored units. Having reported a failure of their contract, the Tragnar government held their DropShip and its crews as a lean against their attempts to rebuild. The loss of their forces during * “The Iron Dingoes” counter-raid against _Tragnar’s_ naval fleet, practically eradicated the unit, and left its DropShip (and associated techs and surviving infantry) to fall under Tragnar’s scientific control.

The “Scotian Huntress” was located by * “The Werewolves” during their raid on one of Tragnar’s CITEDEF facilities, who then planned and executed a raid to free the former mercenary’s infantry forces, and steal the DropShip from directly under that nation’s nose. The vessel then underwent a minor refit at “The Factory”, before being assigned to * The Blood Raiders as their primary military transport.

The only major change the ship has undergone, was the conversion of several portions of the cargo bay to house four (4) platoons of infantry. Designed as four small sub-bays, each sub-barracks with ten (10) triple-tiered bunks, and small personal gear lockers between the rows. All troopers share a single washroom, and a small shower facility that forces the platoons to occupy them in shifts. A fifth small barracks for twelve personnel is assigned the command staff with their own private washroom and showers.

The ship is painted in a riot of colors, with reds, yellows and greens, and it retains the battle scars of many decades of hard use. It is presently under the command of Commander Allison Cavanaugh, along with a mixed crew, though many of its senior techs were members of the crew under the DRC, and so are well-versed with the ship’s systems and quirks.

"Scotian Huntress"

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