Skycrane JetVTOL

Heavy Lift Support VTOL


Skycrane JetVTOL (25 tons)

Chassis : Consolidated Skycrane

Power Plant : 2xPratt & Whitney T73-P-700 Turboshaft ICE
Cruise Speed : 186.1 kph (8)
Flank Speed : 240.2 kph (12)

Armor : Consolidated Light : Armor Factor (Bar 10) 19 : 0.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 4
Left Side – 4
Rear – 3
Rotor – 2

Armament :
Cargo (12.5 tons) : (Body)

Crew : 3 (1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot, 1 Load Master)

Manufacturer : Consolidated Arms, System – Promise ( System-State – “The Unity of Promise” ).
Communications System : Tarhe Squaker
Targeting and Tracking System : None

Notes : 340,000 Cs. Military Coms (10 kms). Cargo Hoist (25 tons cap). Range – 740 kms (four hours flight time). Slung loads can double cargo capacity (25 tons).



Overview : The largest load lifter in most civilian inventories, it is unique in that it has only a cabin, and all of its cargo capacity is either through a cargo pod fastened between the wheel pylons or as a slung load.

Capabilites : The Skycrane is a heavy lift helicopter with no internal passenger or cargo capacity. It has only engines, rotors, controls, and a small crew pod forward. Cargo is slung by cables from a central attachment point beneath the main rotor while the Skycrane hovers, and is carried externally while the Skycrane is in flight.

As civilian aircraft, these helicopters haul out-sized cargo such as loads of timber from remote logging sites, hoist machinery to otherwise inaccessible locations, and carry cargo containers from starships direct to on-planet destinations such as construction or industrial sites.

Military Skycranes retrieve downed aircraft – including other helicopters – and haul supplies and ammunition to forward bases or outposts. Customized 10-ton pods containing command posts, medical and surgical facilities, communications equipment, and remote repair shops may be attached to the Skycrane and flown to forward locations.

Deployment : Made popular in its home constellation, sometimes these VTOLs can be found in the inventories of colony worlds in the Periphery, particularly in isolated camps needing cargo hauling services. Among the military, they are popular in salvage crews and logistics companies.

Variants : The difference between variants is usually minimal, though military variants often mount light MGs and minimal armor to keep stray fire from damaging the vehicle, and always at the expense of slung cargo.

Civilian models tend to be painted bright orange and other colors for ease of identity. Military models are painted in schemes of tan or simple military green, rarely more complex patterns.

Typical modular pods available include a passenger pod capable of carrying 44 passengers, and a cargo pod capable of hauling 12 tons of internal cargo. Both models have three doors for egress, left, right and a rear ramp. Both weigh 12.5 tons, and cost

Skycrane JetVTOL

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