Sniper Field Artillery Piece

Short-Range Boom-Boom


Artillery is a broad label for the myriad weapons designed for indirect support of both Mechs and conventional military forces. When conducted with the assistance of a forward observer, artillery can be devastating to breaking-up an assault, or weakening existing defenses enough to “…send the troops in…”. Such observers must be trained in artillery use to be effective.

Damage Type : AE, F
Damage Value : HE : 20/10 (R1)
Artillery Range : 18 (Mapsheets)
Artillery Flight Time : 0(-), 1(1-8), 2(9-15), 3(16-18).
Shots : 1
Cost/Reload : 250,000/600 Cs
AFF : General
Mass/Reload : 20 tons/200 kgs

The Sniper Field Artillery Piece is an uncommon artillery weapon, but is popular among small commands and mercenary groups for its relative mobility. Equally found supporting or opposing Mech attacks, the weapon is a valuable tool as long as one understands its strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the weapons allow for long-range support of objectives, but is always a support, not a leader in war.


Sniper Field Artillery Piece

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