Condor-Class DropShip


Condor-Class Dropship

Type : Military Aerodyne
Use : Heavy Infantry Transport
Tech : Inner Sphere
Introduced : 2801
Mass : 4500 tons

Length : 104.0 m
Width : 97.4 m
Height : 36.1 m

Drive System : __Pitban 1350-XRB (Fusion)_
Fuel : 208 tons
Tons/Burn-Day : 1.84
Safe Thrust : 3
Maximum Thrust : 5
Heat Sinks : 90
Structural Integrity : 9

Armor : Inner Sphere Standard (33 tons)
Fore : 15 (150)
Wings : 13 (130)
Aft : 12 (120)

Cargo :
Bay 1 : Vehicles (20 Light) – 1 Door
Bay 2 : Infantry (12 Foot Platoons) – 1 Door
Bay 3 : Cargo (1651 tons) – 0 Door

Crew : 24 (2e, 2p, 17 se, 3 Gunners), 436 Bay Personnel.
Base Crew : 8 – 2p, 2e, 4se (Bridge – 1p, 1se : Engine – 1e, 2se/e)
Escape Pods : 8
Life Boats : 10

Ammunition : 24 Rounds LRM-15 Ammo (3 tons), 120 Rounds AC/5 Ammo (6 tons).

Nose (22 Heat)
1 PPC : 1(10)-1(10)-0-0 : PPC
1 AC/5 (40 Rounds) : 1(5)-1(5)-0-0 : AC
1 LRM-15 (24 Rounds) : 1(9)-1(9)-1(9)-0 : LRM
2 Medium Lasers : 1(10)-0-0-0 : Laser
LW/RW (23 Heat)
1 AC/5 (40 Rounds) : 1(5)-1(5)-0-0 : AC
2 Large Lasers : 3(26)-2(66)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
Aft (14 Heat)
1 Large Laser : 2(18)-1(8)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -

Notes : 266.2 Million Cs.



Overview : The Condor-Class DropShip is designed to deliver a fully equipped battalion of infantry onto the battlefield. The ship masses 4500-tons and has accommodations for 360 personnel, including the ship’s crew. In addition, the ship has a pair of cargoholds, each capable of storing up to 200 tons of equipment and supplies. The Condor is the largest DropShip purely designed for the transport of infantry. It is also one of the few DropShips with an aerodynamic lifting body.

The Condor’s wings are extremely sturdy, more so than on other ships. As a result, the Condor is less susceptible to control surface damage than any other aerodyne vessel. Roughly 17% of all hits that would damage another ships’ control surfaces have no effect on the Condor.

Within the large cavity of each wing is the ship’s fuel tankage, most of the avionics, weapons bays, ammunition storage, and massive landing gear. An access corridor crisscrosses the interior of the wings and leads into the lowest deck of the main hull. When the ship is under acceleration or resting on a planet’s surface, it is difficult to walk the passageways because of the steep angle of the wings.

The main body of the Condor is divided into five decks. The lowermost deck contains the ship’s interplanetary transit drives, which can provide the ship with up to 1.6 Gs of acceleration. At the aft end of the deck is a large open area used as the troop ready-room. Troops are moved into this area one company at a time for deployment onto a planet’s surface. Exit is through a large rear door that, when lowered, serves as a ramp. Access to deck two is through a large, 20-ton-capacity cargo elevator that has enough room for a single heavy vehicle or a platoon of infantry. A locked access door leads into the lower engine section.

Located at the aft end of deck two are the Condor’s to 200-ton-capacity cargoholds. Each hold has enough room for up to ten light vehicles, and measures roughly 20×25 meteres. In the forward portion of this deck are the barracks-=style quarters for some of the ship’s troops. Also located here are the mess facilities, a recreation room, a training bay, and food storage. At the far forward end of this deck is the ship’s forward weapons bay and ammunition storage. Access to deck three is through the main lift, which is located amidships and runs from this deck up to deck five.

Deck three contains another portion of the troop bays. It also has its own mess facilities and recreation room, but lacks its own training area; troops must use the off-loading area on deck one for this purpose. In place of a training area, this deck holds a large medical facility that can handle six emergency cases simultaneously. The rear half of deck three contains half the ship’s engine core. The nose is the ship’s deep-space radar.

Deck four houses the remaining troop bays, as well as an additional mess hall, recreation room and training bay. This deck also contains quarters for the battalion commander and the battalion staff. Each room is single-occupancy and very tiny. The back half of the deck contains the upper half of the engine core.

Located at the top of the ship is the crew deck. At the forward end is the cockpit-like bridge, the main computer, fire-control systems, and communications gear. Behind this are the crew’s double-occupancy quarters, a small mess facility, a tiny lounge, and a small conference room for use of the battalion staff. The rear half of the deck contains the ship’s power plant. A heavily shielded corridor passes from the crew section to the small weapons bay located in the rear of the deck.

Though the Condor’s wings are crisscrossed with structural bracing, they contain a great deal of dead space. This space can store as much as ten tons of extra equipment and supplies, but this is rarely known outside of Condor crews. They seldom talk about this section, so it remains a good place to store things in a hurry.

The Spearhead is a standard Condor-Class DropShip, captured during operations after the Battle of Lake Aurin in early 3023, that was under an auxiliary mercenary contract with the The Oriental Republic of San Isabel.

The vessel proved itself vital in support efforts during the opening salvos of The Small War in late-3024 on The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, and proved itself again during landing operations on Islas Brasilera later that year, in getting a large force of infantry in place 12 hours before the regulars from San Isabel could begin their own landing operations via conventional air transport.

The vessel has been assigned Commander Elissa Dresden along with a skeleton crew, and operates in * “The Cerberus Command” as a potential transport for its large Janissary force presently in barracks near Corazón Airfield, where the vessel is presently based.

In early-3026, the ship began shuttling select Iron Dingoes infantry units to System – Gollere in response to that unit’s acquisition of the large and valuable * Duchy of Tharn landhold on the planet, and is largely those infantry unit’s only link to their former home on System – Dumassas.

In mid-3028, prior to the start of the 4th Succession War, the vessel was attached to the 9th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Boar Hunters” to fulfill a short-term _Combat Campaign (Defensive) contract in Federated Suns space, on the planet Robinson.


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