SPM-18A3 "Backblast" Recoilless Rifle

Infantry Support Weapon


The SPM-18A3 “Backblast” RR is a lightweight, portable, crew-served 105 mm weapon intended as an anti-tank weapon, and popular among Periphery armed forces for its ease of production. The weapon can be employes in an anti-personnel role with the use of AP rounds, which have the same range, but combine a reduced penetration value for more explosive blast than standard HE rounds (4X/13A). Fired primarily from a wheeled ground mount, the air-cooled, breech-loaded, single-shot rifle firing fin-stabilized, fixed ammunition. Designed solely for direct-fire only, and sighting equipment for this purpose is furnished with each weapon.

Equipment Rating : B-B-A
AP/BD : 6X/11A (D)
Range : 60/200/390/640
Shots : 1
Cost/Reload : 2000/30 Cs
Mass/Reload : 32kg/2kg

Notes : Crew 2; Back-Blast 10m



Developed early in the history of modern warfare (early 1950s), the weapon was rushed into production t meet the growing world conflicts in Asia. Although a concept for more than a decade, its early incarnations had many difficulties and faults, it became known as a BAT, or Battalion Anti-Tank Gun, so designated for its use at the battalion level for anti-tank support.

Most Recoilless Rifles were replaced in the early 1970s by guided missiles, though they remained popular among third-world nations for their ease of production and cheap cost. They became popular as vehicle-mounted anti-tank weapons, especially among motorized infantry units using jeeps or light utility trucks. In the tech-starved armies of the modern Inner Sphere, they remain a popular weapon in the employ of militia units.

SPM-18A3 "Backblast" Recoilless Rifle

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