Springer Light Field Car

Military-Grade Jeep of Gollere


Springer Light Field Car – (5 tons)

Power Plant : Sunshine 15 ICE
Cruise Speed : 79.2 kph (7)
Flank Speed : 115.6 kph (11)

Armor : Sunray Basic (Armor Factor 24) : 1.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 6
Left Side – 6
Rear – 6

Armament :
One (1) Sunfire MG (Turret)
Ammo (MG) – 100 (Body)
Cargo (1 ton) – (Body)

Communications System : Sunray 10X
Targeting System_ : Sunlight Splendor
Manufacturer : Sunshine Motors of Gollere

Note : Cost = 25,000 Cs. Range – 500 kms. Military-Grade Radio (10 kms).



Overview : The Springer is a modern light, wheeled, all-terrain vehicle used for military purposes on Gollere. In most respects, it matches those found in any Inner Sphere militia arsenal, and is practically the pinnacle of engineering and manufacturing on Gollere.

Capabilities : Like all colony worlds, there is always the need for the simple jeep, a small rugged transport vehicle capable of traversing urban and cross-country terrain. Gollere has long depended on its relatively primitive steam-powered vehicles, that while easily maintained have little range and take damage very easily. Its electronics suites are primitive by most off-world standards, but sufficient for the needs of the vehicle’s purposes.

The Springer is perhaps the best light vehicle produced on Gollere, being capable of deployment across wider ranges and even difficult terrain, such as the deserts, wetlands and rough terrains near the heartlands of Tharn. Built around a rugged four-wheeled suspension from retro-engineered technology, its gas-turbine power plant and light ceramic-alloy armor composite is thick enough to resist light small arms and common wear-and-tear, but will not withstand dedicated anti-armor rounds.

Deployment : Deployed by the * Duchy of Tharn in its military forces, the vehicle is popular among the wealthy nobles and sees some export to the resource colonies, where it is often stripped of its armaments and used in a variety of logistics and other valuable tasks. Off-world deployment of the vehicle is possible, but interesting any but the closest planetary militias is difficult as most worlds have developed their own jeeps for their own militias.

Variants : There are no production variants of the Springer, though some double the number of machine guns at the expense of cargo space. The vehicle is also sometimes stripped of its weapons, and converted into an ambulance or communications vehicle.


Sunshine Motors (Heavy Industry – Automobiles) : Formerly known as O’Niel Motors, this factory complex on System – Gollere that produces urban and off-road passenger cars, light cargo, as well as, haulage construction and off-road trucks and buses. All models are unlicensed derivations of foreign car designs, and are generally for civilian and commercial use, as senior Mangai officials mostly favour foreign imports.

Sunshine Motors also produces the combat bike known as the Jackrabbit Military Motorcycle, a popular military-grade motorcycle. Its ubiquitous cargo vehicles are fairly straight-forward Light Utility Transport production models matching older Davion designs.

Springer Light Field Car

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