Jeep (SRM) - "Nerf"

Salvaged Technical Transport


SRM Jeep – “Nerf” (5 tons)

Power Plant : GM 15 ICE
Cruise Speed : 75.0 kph (7)
Flank Speed : 118.2 kph (11)

Armor : StarSlab/1 (Armor Factor 24) : 1.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 6
Left Side – 6
Rear – 6

Armament : One (1) Alpha Wave SRM-2 Pack (Front)
Ammo (SRM) – (25) : (0.5 tons)

Communicationms System : None


Overview : The jeep is a light, wheeled, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) used in civilian activities. Having a passenger capacity of four, this “buggy” has mounted an SRM launcher.

Capabilities : “Nerf” was taken from one of the rail cars of “The Torpedoe” during the Great Train Robbery, where it was being stored as a back-up weapon for the train’s defenses.

Deployment : “Nerf” has become the unofficial vehicle used by the ground technical crews as a “command” vehicle, and is usually laden with various deluxe tool kits and spare parts occupying most of its rear passenger bays, though the SRM is still well-maintained and active.

Variants : There is no plan to alter “Nerf’s” present cargo or load-out.

Jeep (SRM) - "Nerf"

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